Except where otherwise noted, the following pages are the words of Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, written over the past year during his incarceration at the Penitentiary of New Mexico in Santa Fe. These pages include his point of view on his criminal case, something he is certainly entitled to share considering the unjust prison sentence he served over something that is entirely a matter of faith. But more than this, he expounds on the larger prophetic picture of which his legal case is only a part.

The various components of this website include the efforts of a number of individuals besides Mr. Bent who have transcribed audio recordings of phone calls from Mr. Bent while he was in prison, who have edited and rewritten portions of the text, translated it into Spanish, and who manage the website to make these pages and audio recordings freely available to the public. The point being is that these pages are not solely protected speech for Mr. Bent, but for others who share in his experience.

Permission is granted to reproduce anything on this website with attribution to

Wayne Bent
Also known as Michael Travesser, Wayne C. Bent is a former Seventh-day Adventist minister and is cofounder of The Lord Our Righteousness church.