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This website was the personal homepage of Wayne Bent, also known as Michael Travesser in some circles. Mr. Bent is co-founder of The Lord Our Righteousness Church. The “Little Book” that was published here is now not available to the public.

Wayne Curtis Bent is currently in his 77th year. He was born in Riverside, California. He married in 1962 and has three children. He converted to the Seventh-day Adventist faith in 1967. He later attended Loma Linda University, earning his Masters degree in Religion. He served in the Adventist ministry as pastor in southern California for 12 years before leaving the denomination and co-founding The Lord Our Righteousness Church in 1987.

Wayne Bent is probably most widely known by his depiction as a New Mexico cult leader in the National Geographic programs Inside a Cult and Inside a Cult: Messiah on Trial (2008 and 2009, respectively).

In 2007, Channel 4 in the UK broadcast End of the World Cult, a movie about Mr. Bent and Strong City, a small community where his church was based. Inside A Cult was a remake of the UK film. Mr. Bent and his church maintains the sensationalized context of the “documentary” deviated wildly from what was shared in on-camera interviews with the filmmakers, revealing their opportunism and their willingness to distort the truth to enhance the entertainment value of their film, especially by declaring that Mr. Bent predicted the end of the world for a certain date. That prediction was never made by him. But ironically, the date declared, brought in the time of change when in America nothing would be the same again, and finally it will go into the flames as we now can observe.

In 2008, Mr. Bent was put on trial in Taos, New Mexico for practices associated with a 2006 religious healing procedure that correlated with a ceremonial “pouring out of the prophetic seven last plagues.” In the eight months leading up to the trial, National Geographic broadcast their program about Mr. Bent and his church several times a week, stirring up a media sensation in New Mexico and arguably tainting the pool of prospective jurors.

During the trial, in the presence of local and international media, Wayne Bent faced comparisons to Charles Manson, ridicule of his religious beliefs, and innuendo masquerading as fact. The district attorney accused Mr. Bent of sexually touching two underage females during a healing procedure, but Mr. Bent strongly maintained his innocence and the two young women in question strongly denied on the record that they were touched sexually or victimized in any way.

Mr. Bent was sentenced to eighteen years in prison, with eight years suspended for placing his hand on the sternum of a 16 year old girl while praying for her. The state named that healing procedure “felony criminal sexual contact of a minor.” He was incarcerated in a New Mexico state prison for 7 years and 43 days before he was released on parole. This fulfilled the prophecy in Daniel 9:27, where it stated that he would “confirm the covenant with many for one week (seven years.)”

Mr. Bent contends that his prosecution and convictions were not based on the evidence that the state of New Mexico used, which did not support the allegation of sexual touch. Instead, he maintains he was convicted because of his religious faith and specifically his testimony that the Christ Anointing had come into him and was speaking and acting through him in all of his events. He maintains that the State of New Mexico crucified Christ afresh by throwing him into prison for his testimony and obedience to his calling, thus ushering in events that are now leading to the end of the world, just as the Jews brought destruction upon Jerusalem by crucifying Jesus Christ.

There have been some individuals who have asked to join Mr. Bent’s church, The Lord Our Righteousness. But as the prophecy in Daniel 9:26 states: “the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.” This was fulfilled and now there is no “church” to join. The state of New Mexico, and some former members, effectively destroyed the encampment and the Holy Anointing, just as the Scriptures said that they would. So now the country is in the process of its own destruction as Jerusalem was at the time of Jesus after his crucifixion. The people of God, however, worldwide, meet in small companies, a few here and a few there, “hiding themselves until the indignation be overpast.” Isa. 26:20.

The strong conclusion of all this, however, is what is especially meaningful. The nation that came against Christ and His testimony in Wayne Bent, became Antichrist (against the testimony of the Anointing). The outcome of this is that conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats, Christians and atheists, are now divided and come against each other with a revolutionary zeal just as they did with him. Wayne Bent prophesied that “What they do to me will be done to them.” The United States of America is now going into the flames as the prophecy of Daniel declared. As the nation condemned Mr. Bent, so now the nation is condemned.

The Christian church, which has apostatized, will be destroyed as the prophecy of Revelation 17 declares. The world will watch the burning of the nation as the prophecy in Revelation 18 declares.

On August 21, 2017, the nation watches the heavenly sign that its light has gone out. It is a total eclipse that will pass over the heart of America. The moon that will eclipse the sun is called a “Black Moon.” The name “Black Moon” is from folklore. It’s the 3rd of 4 new moons in a season. The August 21 eclipse will be caused by such a moon. Some will call it a “Black Moon eclipse.”

The sun (Son) “refuses to shine”, because the moon (true church), while herself receiving the full light of the Son, covers the Son’s light and hides it from the earth, making the moon herself appear darkened, or “black.” This is because the earth has refused the light. She simply mirrors the earth’s decision back to it, just as she mirrors the Son’s light back to Him. God Himself is even now bearing witness to what is occurring in the realm of spiritual reality, by His visible sign in the heavens.

Now Mr. Bent says that we will all observe Christ coming on a white cloud. The symbolism in this is that judgment will be poured out upon the darkened population as it was on Jerusalem from 66-70 A.D. In direct fulfillment of Christ’s answer to the high priest’s question, “Are you the Christ, the son of the Holy One?” Jesus said, “I am: and you will see the Son of man seated on the right hand of power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.” Mark 14:61-62. The high priest knew very well that “clouds of heaven” were the apocalyptic language for judgment on Israel, and Israel did indeed witness the coming of Christ (judgment) in those “clouds of heaven” in the events of A.D. 70 when Jerusalem was destroyed. So it is unfolding again, now. Christ coming on a white cloud of judgment is the final act. The Scriptures declare, “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath (zeal), because he knows that he has but a short time.” Rev. 12:12.

Josephus writes that “no other city ever suffered such miseries; nor was there ever a generation more fruitful in wickedness from the beginning of the world. … In reality it was God who condemned the whole nation and turned every course that was taken for their preservation to their destruction. . . . The multitudes of those who perished exceeded all the destructions that man or God ever brought upon the world.”  And so it is again.

Updated on 08/17/17