My Last Will and Testimony

by Wayne Bent

Abridged, Condensed, Revised, and Updated

June 12, 2017

No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship.
President Barack Obama, February 13, 2015

Wayne Bent
Wayne Bent

This “Little Book” was first written during my final year of imprisonment. Now, after more than a year of being out of prison, I am impressed to rewrite it, in hindsight. I am including in this version the introspections that have come to me during this past year and four months since my release,  and I am also condensing it into a form that is easier to read more quickly. The original work, however, is still contained in the PDF document and the html version here, and will remain available on this website.

This revision has been written from my home, and I have had a good number of months to consider all of my events again, reconsidering them outside of the harsh environment of the prison system and the extreme exhaustion I experienced there.  It is a condensed update, with my current perspectives included. I have revisited it, and written it, as a factual presentation from my current point of view.

In this version, I clarify the issues of our events and religious persecution, as well as reveal more of the consequences of the spirit of our times, and am again making it public, as with the first “Little Book.” The courts already stated their opinions in my legal case. Now I am stating my opinion of it again, in retrospect. I already know it will make no difference to the world to post my thoughts. This writing is for me and for mine. The world will stay as it is.

Yet, this writing will create a difference in another way, for the truth has a way of reaching out in its invisibility and bringing about changes in the society by the things it communicates “through the air,” as it were, in the spirit, as though society at large all read my Little Book and made a decision in regard to my testimony. These changes will not be for society’s betterment, however, for it is apparent that society has already made its determination for evil. (from Chapter One).

“The Little Book” Rev. 10:2

 Published February 14, 2016 — Revised June 10, 2017