I Repent

June 15, 2019

There is a truth that I have learned over my years as a Christian. I have been truly perplexed over what I saw as simple ignorance. If I could only tell people the truth, the facts, then they would see and believe and become Christians. I tried everything I could think of to trigger the light in the soul of the listener. But I was largely unsuccessful at getting the “Truth” across.

Today, Christianity, so-called, is largely defined by beliefs. That is — “If I believe that Jesus forgives me and saves me, then I am saved.” Others believe that when they eat the wafer, they eat the flesh of Jesus. Others believe that going to church on Saturday is Sabbath-keeping. Many souls believe that keeping the commandments justifies them before God. The ordinances are important to others.

I have come to clearly see that all of these things are like a picture of something else, but not the something else. When you have a picture of a man, it is not him. It is only a picture. Mainline professed Christians worship a picture today but they do not worship God. I speak of the main movements of Christianity but not individually. There are a few professed Christians who have found it, responded to it, and obey it.

One can only see the “Truth” through the Spirit of God. Those with the spirit of the world cannot ever see the truth. They can have religious ideas and they can be nice and helpful. They can also feel guilty for doing something wrong. They can be clean and healthy but they cannot actually see without the pouring out of the Spirit on them. But, the problem remains that the people then turn the “spirit” into one of their beliefs and it has no power to reveal the “Truth.”

The spirit of the world can quote me or even believe my testimony through their worldview, but they cannot GET who I am. The truth does NOT come by understanding but by the Holy Spirit only. A picture will not give the truth to a soul.

People like being religious at appropriate times but they are not drawn to God. They are drawn to the world and the spirit of the world. In other words, they love the world. I have found that my idea of converting people by telling them the truth was wrong. The teaching of being converted to God by obeying all of God’s instructions is wrong. Doing everything right is wrong. I have spoken to thousands of people, trying to get this across but it was largely in vain. Why? because they did not want to yield to God’s Spirit. They loved the world but not His Spirit. I speak of the “good world.” You know, “sober,” “chaste,” respectful and successful because of hard work and a disciplined life. NO! these are as dead as a devil without the Spirit of God, and I DO NOT mean the Spirit of God as a belief. THAT IS NOT the Spirit of God. The Life of God is not a belief anymore than a forest fire is a story about a forest fire. The doctrine of the Holy Spirit IS NOT the Holy Spirit.

When one lives by the Holy Spirit, one often goes to jail as happened to me. The people could not understand me because they loved the world. They did not love the Life. I was invented into a criminal because of their own false beliefs. Their illusions perpetrated by satanic forces caused them to believe what was not true, so they killed Jesus and jailed me.

When God converted me without man’s help, He came into me. A doctrine of right or wrong did not come into me. GOD came into me. ALL sin went running out the door. Immediately “Christians” so-called were not so happy with me anymore because I was no longer good, but God. The Holy Spirit was my Life. I had no more love of the world and all of its pretend and the fulfilling of the desires of the flesh. I came alive and was no longer dead. That all happened in the blink of an eye, when the trumpet sounded in my soul.

But, there was a cost. The cost was that the world hated me. I lost family, friends, and a host of other worldly benefits. I went to prison for my faith because I made the world mad at me. The world hated me. I tried to explain to them. I tried to teach them. I tried to warn them but it was in vain. They could not catch the light. Their delusion won out because they loved their delusions and illusions and not God — I mean, really! Religion today is largely the love of the world and “enjoying God” in the world. The actual Life of God is hated, even in the churches. And, no one can understand what I say because what I say is all interpreted through their beliefs instead of the SPIRIT.

The Holy Spirit reveals the truth and exposes all of the pretend. Yeshua was crucified because those who loved the world hated him. Yeshua told Nicodemus, “You must be born all over again. You will not understand what I say through your beliefs.” The world would say, “How does one go back into the womb?” But heaven sees it.

So, my work was mostly effective in revealing to me the impossibility of converting people by helping them “believe” the right things and do the right things. No, no, no. One must be God possessed, then he will be converted. Then he will understand. “God in you, is the ONLY hope.” All else is death. But even this is not a belief but a Life.

So, I repent of trying to save the world by teaching the truth or helping people to believe the right things through preaching, teaching or clear explanations. I repent of lining up scriptures by the hundreds to clearly show what the Bible taught as truth. I repent of baptizing the people in water and teaching them to go to church on the right day. Yes, I repent. These things were largely in vain. The only souls who could “stick” and follow God, were only those who would receive God into themselves. They took in this invisible force who cannot be seen or explained but who works out His life in them moment by moment. He washes their sin away and gives them a life which grows as a small seed that becomes a great tree. A living plant in one's yard is simply NOT a picture of a plant. Fake flowers will never replace an actual one or act like an actual one.

I repent of churches and doctrines and good works. I repent of mental graven images. Many people have wept and gnashed their teeth wanting me to repent. So now I do. I am repentant of trying to save them by teaching them the right way to live. I should have just lit a fire under them instead of just letting my little candle shine. My little candle was too hot for most people anyway, but now I come as a fire that burns the earth to ashes. I don’t expect those who are dead to understand anything I am saying, so I just tell them, “Don’t get yourself worked up about fire, I am speaking from the Spirit.” No man can understand anything I say. They think that they know me, but they know nothing at all.

There is one thing I will not repent of. I will not repent of God. I live by Him; I move by Him and no man enters the kingdom of God any other way. When God moves, I move. When God thinks, I think. When God ascends, I ascend and no man enters the kingdom “but by ME.” Yeshua said it, and he meant it. This still applies.

When the people deny me, they will then be given a lying spirit. This “angel of light” will waltz them right into hell and they will love going there with all of their friends. When the people refuse the Spirit Who inhabits my soul they have no protection. They are left completely vulnerable to the dark side. They may act nice most of the time but they are blind. My world has been burned up. My world has ended. Heaven is my home now. God’s world is where I live.


The Testimony of Michael

Today He Reveals Himself

June 11, 2019

In a vision of the night I stood next to a woman with a young child in her arms perhaps two or three years old. She said to Me, “Tomorrow when you reveal yourself, will you write a letter to me and let me know?” This is the letter that she requested Me to write:

Who am I? I am the Son of God born out of Him from eternity. I am the archangel who is the angel of justice. I came into Wayne Bent in 1967. It was then when he agreed to keep My Sabbath. I went into him for his heart was turned to Me. This was also the time of the earthly symbol when the Jews took Jerusalem.

For years after, I took Wayne Bent through all of the tests of life to prove them as to whether they were of God or not. I proved the natural worldly marriages and how they are not actually a marriage. Most “marriages” are conflict zones where two enter a contest of wills and often reveal themselves with the woman becoming the husband. I proved the modern order of things a falsehood.

I then took Wayne Bent to school where he would prepare himself to become a minister. I proved the educational system and it was not educational. The whole system was useless in actually teaching the truth of God, but very valuable in teaching doubt, compromise and failure. I was not present in their education for they shut Me out of it.

From there I took Wayne Bent into pastoring. Here he could be shown how the “believers” were not actually believers. He was given My presence in his human form while the great force in what they name Christianity today, misses this and falls short. All of those who name My name today base their religions on a change of behavior or a change of their beliefs, none of which is the actual truth. When I came into Wayne Bent, I changed his spirit, personality and view of all things. Good behavior or right beliefs is not Me. I make one a new creature, born all over again. My experience is not hard, but impossible for those who try to copy it with their human force.

Wayne Bent proved that the denominations were on a false footing, taking a road down to the pit of human failure, guessing, insecurity and pretense. Good behavior does not go to heaven, it goes to hell. God goes to heaven; I go to heaven; flesh and blood do not go to heaven.

Satan, My adversary, is now pretending to be Me in the churches. The churches have good behavior and teach how to be nice, and other useless acts. There is no substitute for Me. I am the Savior and I save by taking My seat in the heart and soul of My people. Their soul becomes My temple where I reign supreme and with full authority. I am the King of the heart and soul.

The final test for Wayne Bent was the test over his own self. I made him go through the experience of Job. But first I had to overcome his beliefs. Humankind uses their beliefs for their justification with God. I had to take Wayne Bent through the process of collapsing his beliefs so that I might show the people what is actually required of them.

I told Wayne Bent to go to New Mexico to fulfill the prophecy of Revelation 12. He hesitated to go to a place which would be his last choice of a good place to go. I encouraged him by saying to him that he would eat grass like an ox if he did not get to it.

He immediately came to New Mexico and I directed him to the land I wanted him and his people to come to. I arranged things so that he could make the purchase of the property without much difficulty. Wayne would soon be tested to the limits of his ability. He had already proven the religious professors all false. Now he would be proven whether he would stand when I destroyed all of his forms. I would now make completely useless his wonderful human, righteous, and good ideas.

Wayne Bent came to My land on April 4, 2000. This was a short while before Passover. I had previously spoken to him from a bush, showing him that My presence was in his “new land.” He would name it “Strong City.” Isa. 26:1 Seventy-seven people followed him there after that, taking several months to settle in.

Another change was coming to his unsuspecting human ideas. On July 5, 2000, I revealed Myself to Wayne and told him who I was in him. I said, “You are Messiah.” I was speaking of Myself in him. He was startled at first because of how it looked to him, so I showed him the Scriptures. I showed him that what I said to him was not new, but only the old gospel.

The three Scriptures that I gave Wayne were: “How God messiahed Jesus.” Acts 10:38 “Now he which stabilized us in Messiah, is God.” 2 Cor. 1:21, and “God would make known the mystery hid from ages and generations, which is now revealed in us, which is Messiah in you the hope of glory.” Col. 1:26, 27 It was now, when Wayne accepted My word, that he was Messiah. It was now that he accepted My image. Because he accepted My word to him, I took him to a new level and a new change of his person. I would now test My word in him to the limits of human endurance. This is where most professed Christians fail. This is where most leave the faith of God and wander off into perdition.

When the knowledge of this first came to Wayne in the flush of the present newness, he was able to enjoy the reality of this new awareness as he did when I first went into him in 1967. He did not know that with every new ascension comes a test of equal proportions.

I was now going to make him the parable of the marriage of the Lamb. At the time when I anointed Wayne for this mission, I also anointed two witnesses, two women who would bear witness to his every move. These two witnesses were married in two natural marriages. I drew them away from those marriages and these two women now were without a husband, living where they could find a bed somewhere or something to eat. At this time, Wayne had no idea what I was doing without his knowledge. I did not tell him.

After a few weeks, I drew these two women to come to Wayne for healing. He spent time with them in the “chamber” but without any thought of a personal connection. I was creating a bond between them that Wayne and the two women were not conscious of because I would need the two witnesses to bear witness to Messiah under extreme hardship.

Over a few weeks I began to intimate to Wayne that these two would be married to him. This was a shock, for he protested that this would be adultery. He resisted Me with all of his “holy” arguments and even used the law against Me. It was now that Wayne’s humanity struggled. His “self” righteousness of being chaste and pure would be overthrown, but not without a great struggle from his earth view of things.

Wayne finally proposed a test for Me that if I would fulfill his “fleece” he would carry out the “consummation” of the marriage with the two witnesses. He told no one of this “fleece.” What Wayne proposed was that if the two women would come and ask him for an intimate relation, and if their two previous husbands would come and ask that he be intimate with their wives, and if a third “unknown” sign would occur, then he would consummate. Wayne believed that this “fleece” could never actually occur so it gave him a sense of safety.

But Wayne didn’t know the purpose of Messiah. He felt that this “strange act” I was about to perform was adultery but what he failed to see at the time was that this is normal for Me. I break up marriages whenever I take over the soul.

Satan shouts adultery for I take away the soul that he had been married to. I have “intimate” relations with everyone who becomes Mine. My intimate relation is far greater and more invasive than any human marriage of the flesh. I have caused much controversy over the centuries whenever I went into the “bride.” Satan accuses Me of being the great adulterer for taking away his property and making them Mine.

I then directed the two witnesses to request a physical union with Me in the person of Wayne. That fulfilled the first part of the “fleece.” But he still felt safe for he felt that the two previous husbands would never request something like that from him. A little time went by and I directed the two previous husbands to also request that Wayne consummate with their previous earthly married partners. Now Wayne knew all was lost of his self-protection. He could not sustain his “righteous” position. Now he only waited for the third “unknown” part of the “fleece.”

About the 10th of October, while visiting with one of the witnesses, she stated that she felt that that very night the consummation would occur. Wayne was not so sure. He did not feel free because he had not seen his third requirement. At this very moment there was a knock on the door and Wayne answered it. It was the previous husband of the witness. He handed a card to Wayne that said, in so many words, “One cannot have a marriage without a consummation. Get on with it.”

Now Wayne knew he must fulfill My instructions to him, which he did. He set up the conditions and I met them. The process of the consummation ended on October 31, 2000. That was exactly 483 years since Martin Luther waged his reformation against his present apostasy.

This was the beginning of the fall of Wayne’s natural man. He would finally die to his natural self in order to be My own arms and legs. This is where most fail but it is required of everyone that I take to heaven with Me. Satan allows his subjects to think that they have free will, and that they can take or leave My requirements but I require a marriage. Few men are willing to go there with Me. So Wayne yielded to My consummation and began the test that I required of him and everyone else who names My name. No one escapes the necessary trial that I bring to all My professed believers even though the trial may take very different forms.

I then took those who professed to be God’s people through a time of “feeding.” This took 1260 days as the prophecy declared. I kept Satan at bay during this time of teaching. I did not permit him to get a foothold until My purposes were fulfilled.

The test would not only be given to Wayne, but to his two witnesses as well. The test would also come to the congregation. After three and a half years (1260 days) I began to withdraw My intercession. The “daily” intercession would be removed. This would allow those who professed to know Me to be tested in that knowledge. They would have to stand strong without Me interceding for them, keeping them from failure. Some could not do that and some who were not possessed by Me began to go away.

Near the end of the last seven years of the prophecy, I would complete My “strange act.” I would call five more women to come to the marriage, making a total of seven. This was done before October 31, 2007. This total of seven fulfilled the prophecy of judgment in Isaiah 4:1. I made the women to be drawn to Me to fulfill the sign of My time of judgment.

Now, not only was the church tested, but I would take My testing to the world. Now the earth would be given its extreme test. Would the world believe? I knew that they would not, but I hid this from Wayne.

I brought the media to the land in 2007. I permitted the media people to tell their story of Me from the world’s point of view. Also, those who had failed within the church were allowed to say whatever they liked, so that the world would see which testimony they would believe. Would they believe My testimony or the testimony of My adversary. This would determine who were Mine. I instructed Wayne to tell them everything. I said, Withhold nothing for they needed to be tested just as the people of God were tested.

But the greatest test would be put upon Wayne. I gave him over to Satan as I did Yeshua and Job. The test for Wayne Bent is that I would put him in prison for something I instructed him to do. And when he was put in prison for something he did not do, that was even more of a trial for him than if he had actually committed a crime. I also set it up so that he would be charged over minor females. It was the greatest offense to him that could be imagined. This was necessary, however, to strip from him the last of his earthiness. The final test, those seven years in prison over a made-up crime, would strip from him the last of his earthly trust. Now he would be only on Me, in Me, and I in him. Now, the image of God, My image, would be reproduced in him without hindrance.

Wayne and the two witnesses revealed what is required of the sons of God. The false testimony in these days, the counterfeit, is that one can be a son of God while still in his sins. He cannot. He might change his habits and become a nicer person but it is only a satanic trick. I require all of the redeemed to be redeemed and I test their profession to the full extent.

Wayne Bent has been My temple. He was the temple that Messiah stood upon, the temple that was opened in heaven. He came at the end of the age. The earth’s legal system put My servant in prison over their own lie. I would now, after their complete rejection of Me, give them over to their own course.

After this, I instructed Donald Trump to run for president. He is My tool for bringing judgment into the earth. I determined this to be so. The spirit of Satan has so thoroughly taken over the people, it is time for the “Trump.” I sent him and anointed him for the purpose I have designed. I have been on the move for more than twenty years and Messiah has come again. But this will all end in flames, as I have said. I stripped from Wayne, My servant, all of his earthly love, trust, flattery and false religion. I have left him with only Myself, My image and My will.

I have also left the earth without Me, to carry out their false faith and selfish will to their full extent. Satan cannot now hinder Wayne, and I will not now hinder the world in its total collapse because the world does not want My interference.

Satan has given his false blessing to the people, pretending to be Me, but it will only end in fire. Any savior but Me will only lead to the destruction of the final day. I have truly not held My peace and Wayne has not kept back My instructions, so the will of God has been fulfilled. I drew Wayne into My Sabbath and the earth is drawn into the day of the sun. That is, My servant Wayne was drawn into My rest, while the earth was drawn into the righteousness of their own making, their made-up religion. They worship a light in the sky while My servants hear My voice in their temple and harden not their hearts against it.

I, Michael, have sent My angel (messenger) Wayne Bent to testify unto you these things in the companies. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.

This is the day in which I, Michael, have plainly revealed Myself. I have given My testimony in the temple. I told you all what I have done. I have judged the earth and all who are drawn will come to Me. No man can come to Me but that the Father draw him. I come quickly and My reward is with ME, to give every man according to his work. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

I have used My servant Wayne, constraining him to do My will and to reveal the testimony of God. He has done so, and while My sons have believed, the earth has gone into the hell of mocking contempt which leads them into a very real insanity. “Behold, he comes in clouds of judgment and he comes publicly, and also those see him who put him in prison, and all kindreds of the earth will wail because of him.” “There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” And so it is. Behold, I have told you before.

Now you know that THIS is the Christian experience. All others are those who seek to enter in another way. One must come to My house through the door, plain and upfront, hiding nothing, if he would be the son of God and receive Messiah into himself. The message I gave Wayne and the two witnesses to reveal is that I only take My literal bride to heaven. No man can enter without the marriage to Me. No man can come without letting go of every earthly desire. Wayne discovered this and his two witnesses declared it. There is no other way into the fold of God.

I, Michael, have not left the earth without a witness. The testimony is faithful and has been proven and tested to the greatest degree.

In the temple service the remains of the bullock, representing the remains of God’s high priest, were taken and burned outside the camp so that nothing remained but God alone. Wayne Bent was that bullock representing Me. In prison, his time of testing “outside the camp” burned the remains of his natural earthiness. “The earth helped the woman” come to the place of deliverance. What Satan meant for evil, I used for the deliverance of My church. Satan has no force capable of thwarting My purposes. Wayne Bent and his two witnesses have proven this. There shall be no witness or evidence of the truth given besides this prophetic event fulfilled. Nothing greater can prove My word true but what I have given. Here I have revealed Myself. Now I have told you plainly. THIS is the rapture, and this is the change. THIS reveals the ascension and the translation which comes upon all of the children of light. THIS reveals the end of their world first, then the world.


To the Public

(And other assorted haters)

Your Life Is What You Made It!

June 9, 2019

I think with people today the most unkind thing to say to anyone these days is “your life is what you made it.” Humans love excuses and sympathy for themselves. I have many haters, I know. I have many critics I am well aware, but I would like to put a little perspective on it.

We Americans, whoever we are, cannot escape responsibility for the people we have murdered. Our tax dollars killed a million Iraqis. Our tax dollars displaced millions more. Arms were blown off of little children. Parents were handed the bodies of their lifeless children. All this because our president lied about WMD, and we let him get away with it. We committed the same crimes in Afghanistan and Libya. We were responsible for the war in Syria. While in prison, where you put me, I met two of America’s assassins. America assassinates many thousands of unsuspecting people regularly. All of the blood of the dead cries up to God against us. The blood of the dead prays to God daily to be avenged.

The sixty million abortions cry up to God with the complaint “Dear God, they say that we are not people.” All of this love talk that people do today is meaningless and fake. Iraqi children love their daddies and mommies just like the American children do. Your self-love is meaningless to God. Love someone else to prove your love.

True, I am not much of a flatterer because I know it is all BS. I hear the cries of the children and mommies and daddies we’ve killed. I hear the cries of the cattle we have put in the stinking feed lots, fattening up for slaughter. I hear the groans from the pig farms where the mommy has to feed her babies with hardly any room to move. I hear the heart-cries of the chickens packed five into a cage with beaks cut off, laying eggs for our stomachs, only to head off to the chicken store to be finally slaughtered.

I hear them all. But Americans only care about their stomachs and their big, fat selves or if someone hurt their vain little feelings.

When the United States of America gassed its own people in the form of the Branch Davidians, finally burning them all up, we go off living our vain lives as though that didn’t matter. I still see it. The flames still burn in my memory.

They call me a cult leader. They call my church a cult. What I tried to communicate to my church is that it does matter what we do. Am I to blame because I tried to warn you? Do we still kill the messenger so our fat, little, spoiled souls can go on destroying the innocent? Do I get blamed because I tried to save you? Is it wrong to explain to you how gravity works?

Yes, I have been accused of many things. You put me in prison to stop me, so I wrote from prison. I could not stop trying to save you. I could not stop reminding you that it does matter what you do. There are consequences for the wars we have fought. There are consequences for what we eat, drink and think. We voted for the nation’s leaders so we are responsible for what they do. We put them there.

So, call me a cult leader or a false prophet or whatever, all you like, but spare me your self-pity. Spare me your excuses. When I see the bleeding children we have made I cannot feel sorry for you or me. We have ruined the world and I will not refuse to speak or the blood is upon me, also. God has forced me to speak but the day is near when I will not speak any longer. I will not write another word.

So when the people whine and complain about their poor vain life, or this “cult leader” they do so on their own. I have told you from the beginning many years ago — your life is what you made it. And if you blame me, I say your problems and complaints are in spite of me. I gave it my best shot. I did what I could.

In ancient times they killed the prophets so that the people would not feel bad about themselves, but now we put the prophets in prison. But the world was warned. I did not hide the truth. And it was my love for God and for you that drove me on. I gave up my very comfortable life for you. I gave up my very cushy job for you. I gave up my mansion for you. I gave up my future dreams for you. I tried to help, however useless that help was. But the whiners do not take responsibility for what they made. They point the finger at their genes or their parents or their cult leader or anyone else they can find to blame. And, true to form, all of the other victims flatter them silly, gushing all over their self-pity. Then the victims of their own self gush all over those who buy their story that it was something or someone else.

But it is over now. The world and some of my own people destroyed me and the “city” putting me in prison over their offenses. Their new cult could not tolerate someone like me so they put me in a cage. It is okay, though. I am okay with it. I overcame the world and the devil, and it was a gift that I wanted you to have also. Our nation now is ruined in spite of my efforts, but it is okay. I accept it. My enemies knew not what they did.

I do not expect this communication to make any difference at all except that it might make life’s victims mad at me. But I can take it. I have been taking it for over fifty years. Yes, indeed, my life is what I made it, and with the help of my heavenly Father I can see it all. I said, “Yes Lord, I did it. I take responsibility for what my life has produced. It was no one else’s fault.” Then He said to me, “Come along son, you have overcome the world.”


Time of Recompense

June 7, 2019

The world now is in a time of just retribution, and that is especially true for the United States. One does not read the “news” now, but only a bewildering negative assault of confusion on the senses. A minister on the radio prayed last week that God would send down His wrath on the state because of its position on abortion. I thought the poor man was in total ignorance as to what God’s wrath is. The facts are that abortion IS God’s wrath. What greater wrath for a culture but to have its progeny destroyed by the millions and by their own hand. THIS IS God’s wrath. The sexual revolution IS God’s wrath. So why is it that Christians mourn? Why do they protest God’s wrath when it is they who have rejected the law of God? They have supported unjust wars killing millions of innocent people. I say to this preacher, THIS is the wrath of God. The wrath of God is filling the earth. The sea is full of trash. The rivers are full of the dead and full of toxic foreign substances. The air is not pure. No, we are not looking forward to God’s anger; we can see it already.

But there is even a greater sorrow on the land. It is what is called the justice system. The courts are not interested in facts or justice. They are not interested in the law or the truth. They are not interested in religious freedom, one’s faith or conscience. They have only one goal and that is to force the population into a narrow road of subservient obedience to the national social agenda. It is not the law of God that is paramount but only the lawless agenda of the state.

The Scriptures say it plainly: “…as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.” Rev. 13:15 THIS IS the wrath of God. It is when His Spirit is removed and men become animals as they are today.

The society knows how to have sex but the people cannot love. The people are puffed up, radicalized, easily provoked and their thoughts are only evil continually. The people cannot now even reason things out. The people are not educated in their schools to think, but only to doubt and react or to be trained to worship the state authority in place of God’s authority.

So I say to this poor man who is praying for God’s wrath; you have it — full blast! It came while your religions were sleeping. It came while ministers flattered their congregations. It came because of their unfaithfulness for years before. It came!


The Bible Describes The Second Coming Of Christ!

May 26, 2019

Unto those that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin. Heb. 9:28

It is “unto them that look for him” that Christ is to appear the second time. GC 88, 315

Why is it that Christ appeared to Strong City, yet the people at large did not see Messiah? It is because ONLY those who were looking for Him saw Him. The Scriptures are clear. If one is not looking for the second coming one will not ever see it. To those who see it, Christ comes without sin to them. He brings them a sinless life, one without rebellion — a life of perfect obedience. All others receive only sin and repentance. All others are stuck in their earthly existence enjoying fully the vanity of their worldly love, or not enjoying it.

The churches were not given the message, because they were not watching or listening. The people love their churches, mosques and synagogues so that is what they see. The devil devised a plan so that when Christ came IN HIS PEOPLE they would refuse the message, naming Him a “false christ” or that His gifts were spurious.

All of God’s people who saw the appearing of Christ had to be tested as to who was their true love. Was it Christ or was it their earthly treasures and worldly importance? Did they value God’s opinion above the opinions of their earthly friends, family and church ministers? These ministers all calmed their fears and assured them that this could not have been the coming of Christ. All this would be made clear by the end of the time allotted. They had to give up their churches, wives, husbands, children, houses and lands. They had to give up their jobs, parents, friends and future worldly hopes if they were drawn to any of these things, or if any of those things were their love. Those who could not ascend and who had to return to their vanity, lost the vision. If they did not step fast and if they dawdled around half-hearted, taking their eyes from the moment, then the vision faded away and they lost the present appearing.

Christ came the second time to Strong City in the year 2000. The world mocked Him and tortured Him and put Him in prison because they didn’t see Him. They were not watching. All that the world will see now is their fiery end.


Michael’s Maxims

May 24, 2019

Good behavior is the idol of fools but for the wise it is the Spirit of God.

The love of God cannot be faked, for in an instant the false professor slips up.

Pretense is the seed of hypocrisy but the truth lies unobserved in the breast of the righteous.

The Spirit of God answers all the law, for in a moment the portal opens.

A soul built upon the Rock of God’s Spirit will never fall, but he who trusts his feelings fails continually.

Trying to be good is like sowing a patch onto ashes but he who lives through the anointing needs no patches.

Being too righteous is a sore that eats a hole, being too religious is an obvious desert and falsehood.

Yeshua and Michael were crucified by those who thought themselves righteous and the religious stood above the blood of those they killed, smiling.

Those who rejoice over the death of the innocent are those who perish in the darkness of their desolation.

The fools who boast over their vengeance are those who fail to see their own deep loss. Their children have no heart and their light is snuffed out in a moment.

The wicked smile for the camera but on their bed alone they look into an empty hole and the bitterness of their soul cannot be hid.

Those children who protest their mother’s faith in God kill her with their perfidious tongue and their poison of dragons. She must depart from them.

Those who rejoice with the beast glorying in his unlawful prey find that finally they are eaten up by him.

The wicked are never satisfied but the righteous cannot be disappointed at last.

The sorrow of the righteous is food for his soul but for the wicked his grief is contagious and grows as a bitter weed in the garden that cannot be pulled out.

The wicked and rebellious grow children that have a meanness greater than the parents. But the righteous have children who walk along side hand in hand. When parents turn from righteousness the children gather blackness greater than themselves. Their hatred is tenfold.

Those who cannot be made to go through the gate find themselves locked in.

Debt is like a brief moment of relief and an escape from want, but he who goes into it seems to never escape. His excuses for enslavement know no end. When he should be resting, he works for his master without end.

He who eats too much and lives for his stomach finally hates his own soul for his stomach never forgives him.

Those who hate the righteous are like those who pick their nose then eat what they picked from it.

There is a Spirit from God that knows no want or any fear or failure, but the spirit of the enemy is always afraid of nothing for their fears are only the thoughts of their imagination.

Victory is everywhere present in the bosom of God but Satan promises what he cannot deliver on. His carrot is always a step away but never close enough to grasp.

If it freezes in summer the plant is just as dead as when it freezes in winter.

The people who hate the king are those who set a trap for their own soul. They dig their own grave then fall into it.

A king who hates his people is one who one day loses them all.

No evil can come to the righteous for even his death at the hands of wicked men blesses God.

A righteous man cannot be hurt for even his tears water the flowers. But an evil man is hurt over everything and dies by accident.

The complaints of the wicked bind his own hands but the praise of the righteous frees him from every bond.

The truth confounds the wicked judge. The truth is a weapon that cannot be outlawed for it leaks through the opening of every cracked pot (crackpot).

Hypocrisy is the judge of the wicked. He points the finger at his own corruption.

An adulterer who exposes the adultery of another leaves his own soul without protection.

Do not wrongly charge the innocent of a crime, for if you do, it will come back upon you fourfold.

If the government of man fail you just remember how you put them there and how you fed them. A starving dog does not have much strength with which to attack you.

Feed a python and he will only grow up to squeeze the life from you.

If a teacher wants to teach your children how to have sex, you may know that the teacher is up to something, for sex needs no teacher. Just ask the dog.

If a woman wants to kill her own child by aborting him, one may feel sorry for the woman but glad for the child, for if the child had been born it would be into a life of hatred. That mother would have never forgiven the child for being born.

If a man marries a woman there is just one, but if a man marries a man there are two halves.

If a man marries a woman and they are not one, then they are not married.

One cannot eat the flesh of animals without taking in the flesh of animals; one becomes what he eats.

Eating the flesh of an animal is not sin but neither does one see clearly through stained glass.

When one drinks strong drink he covers with fog that part of the brain with which he reasons.

When one plans an unjust war against his enemy he thrusts his hand into the nest of hornets trying to find a little honey there. He may run away but he is chased forever.

The knowledge of righteousness decreases over time but the fool’s hangout never fails to attract followers.

If a man kills anything unjustly the scar remains, the memory never fails, for it is like a scar on the soul. It may be forgotten or even forgiven but the bell cannot be silenced.

Do not curse a man who is in his integrity, for his prayers always ascend to God for justice. You will never escape the curse out of your own mouth, for God will stick it to you like glue.

Love is an act of the soul. Romantic in-love is a chemical reaction and a deception.

Hatred is the act of a soul against himself and love is the act of God in the soul for himself.

Selfishness sees everyone as an enemy while benevolence sees everyone as himself.

In the next life, however brief, a soul only goes there as himself. Heaven does not make a good man out of a bad one. Lucifer is the evidence of that.

Offense was made in hell. Its sister is selfishness and its brother, hatred. “Blessed is he who is not offended in me.” If a soul is not offended in me then he will not be offended in anyone.

When a soul goes to heaven he goes with nothing. He only has the character that can bear the pleasures and responsibilities of the next world. His clothing is light - his family, the other beings - his possessions none. What he has are only gifts. His crown belongs to God.

Darkness is the absence of light. Light is the absence of darkness. When a soul goes into the kingdom he goes into the light. He awakens to the truth. Darkness flees.

In heaven is no male or female. No marrying or giving in marriage. No sex. It is to eternally rejoice in the light and what is true. The wicked would hate it, so they should not get their hopes up. The righteous have already tasted it and delight in it more and more.

A failing church is made from a host of individuals who worship their forms. A political party is even more useless.

A failing religion must turn to violence to get its way for its god is missing and cannot himself be a deliverer.

A false god is one who is not there. One may pray to it forever but everything stays the same. It is only an idol, graven by the mind of the worshipper.

To think one’s self as good is the height of folly. One cannot prove such a premise except by his own vain assessment. To think one’s self as evil is the beginning of wisdom for he sees himself as he is.

The test for a man who has died to himself, for to live unto God, is that he is hated by the people. No man loves a good man for he is a God-man and he exposes sin by his very presence.

Unsalted, savorless salt fools no one. But religious followers who are savorless deceive millions. God talk is cheap but God-ness costs one his life.

False prophets are a dime a dozen. They speak good things and promise heaven, pointing the finger at evil, but while in the dark they turn to pornography, and sacrifice to demons.

When a child begins school he is pure, but before he returns home he has been corrupted. The child will push the red button, for he will hate his corrupter in the end.

There are thousands of innocent souls in prison, and many more guilty souls outside of prison. They are the ones who put the innocent there.

When a man is in prison he is “behind bars.” When he is on parole the bars are taken away but he is in prison still.

Trying to make men good by force is like beating a turd. Force it all you want but it stays the same.

They put men in prison for taking drugs. Then these souls take drugs in prison. The only fools are those who put them there. Prison only makes them more efficient and the taxpayer pays for it all.

Government is good at collecting taxes but very bad at teaching morality. How can thieves teach men not to steal? The government makes a million laws that they do not keep themselves.

A soul who speaks in unknown tongues does not understand his own speech, neither does God know what he is saying.

Drunk in the spirit is only pretense unless demons force the soul to pretend, then the one drunk thinks it’s real.

Giving a prosperity preacher money is like playing the slots in Vegas. Sometimes one gets lucky but overall he loses.

God is not a preacher. He is a Voice that speaks to the congregation still and quiet, most often in their bed.

It is not wrong to meet with the spiritual family as you see the day approaching, but don’t waste your time in useless chatter. Listen.

Nothing wrong will ever happen to you. If something happens to you, it was right. If the devil comes, quit inviting him.

I have discovered something in life. One cannot convince stupid men. These stupid men are still smart enough to know how to keep the truth out.

Paying your taxes is not wrong. It keeps you out of jail. But then again, your taxes paid for the jail that you would be put in.

Don’t seek to avenge yourself, for if you get close enough to do so, the beast will eat you. If you let God avenge you, the beast eats himself.

If you are strong enough to attack your enemies, God will not help you. If you are too weak for your enemies, God will take up the battle.

The world will end soon for everyone. That is not the problem. The question is, where will one awaken?

Being on a jury is not wrong, but remember that you are responsible for every pang you bring upon the accused and his family. Being on a jury does not make you God, it makes you responsible to God.

A mountain of evidence is not enough to convince those determined to lie. A liar’s testimony is only what he wishes the truth was, and over time believes the lie himself and enters the gates of hell.

Do not mock the sparrow because he is plain and common. He can fly faster and higher than you can.

There are those who wish death on their enemies. That is a prayer to God to bring death to themselves. Do not wish on others that which you do not wish for yourself.

Don’t ever follow a mob. A mob is never right. The mob is never for a good cause. A mob cannot think or reason, it only feels the abuse of its own childhood and it carries out the will of its master.

What you have been taught to believe about your world is only a lie. You cannot stand to know the actual truth. But a lie is what the people want to hear.

Yesterday, things were better than today. They always thought that. The world has never been different or better. Ask Cain and Abel.

Science has not improved the soul of man. It has only made sins easier and greater.

When a nation builds a nuclear bomb, it intends to use it. Don’t believe the words, “peace, peace” from such a one.


Michael’s Conclusion of Wisdom

The stupid do not consider the nature of their existence. What is this vanity we are trapped in? Men strive their whole existence not to stink, not to be hungry, not to be too cold or too hot. Old men try to pee and old women try not to have hot flashes. All want a comfortable place to sleep, a roof over themselves so the rain does not reach them, and chemicals so the bugs do not bite them. And the whole mass of the congregation seeks to make a product or provide a labor so that they might gain a vain dollar so they might provide for their own hot, cold, peeing, hot-flashed life.

They kill their babies if they are inconvenient and they keep the ones deemed convenient for their vain existence of toothpaste, deodorant and special underwear made in china. Most vain creatures have a vain religion of some sort, claiming that their own vanity is the right one. These days the churches don’t spar so much as to what is truth but they compete for who is the nicest. They fall all over themselves apologizing to the gays and lesbians for not being nice enough in their vanity. They apologize that the Bible makes some of them uncomfortable.

And then there are the elite who still use deodorant and wash their vain bodies and poop just like the slave laborers they bring in from Mexico. Even the pope must deal with the poor vain needs of his poor vain body. The leaders of the world are the same slaves as the poor Chinese workers who barely make enough to survive. They imagine that they are great but they turn into the same food for worms as those who die in prison. They imagine that they might go to heaven because they had so much power over people, or money, but they little consider that some other fool will get their stuff while they rot and no one will care.

The population cares only about themselves. Then when they die, those remaining get their stuff and give hardly a thought to the vain dead ones.

The churches have their heroes and prophets, all now dead, with nothing left of them.

So this is our vain existence, yet the words of this wise man are considered a vain utterance and the world will be glad when I’m gone.

These vain seekers of mammon will continue their vain wars to take the stuff of someone else or to rid the earth of those who do not respect their vanity enough.

But there is a God who is not vain and He assures that these elites and slaves receive their justice. They all expect something and they will all get nothing. The billionaire and the slave all end up with the same rotting bones and the same worms unless they are cremated. Then they even steal from worms their just reward.

But they all hope for heaven someday. That vanity also escapes the stupid. The only ones going to heaven are those who went to heaven here. They received God into themselves and it is only God who goes to heaven. The truly anointed are taken up and no one else need apply. The vanity lovers will be raised only to burn in the light they did not prepare themselves for. Then they become as though they had never existed. All of their wealth, power and money all gone and not remembered.

But why do I write this vanity that no one actually cares about? I write to myself and conclude my stay in this world of popes, prelates, presidents and paupers who live for their debt to the banks who print their money which is invented out of thin air.

Everyone strains for their vain ideas. The pope catholicizes America with the slave laborers brought into America. The Muslims seek to make the earth servants of Islam. The other religious cults all seek to make the world see that they are the truly nice people. But it is all vanity.

Eve first ruined the world by disobeying God’s instructions, having one son who murdered the other. Abraham ruined the world by his faithless attempt to make himself a great nation, so now we have Ishmael and Isaac warring for thousands of years over which one is actually the true son.

Moses took Israel out of Egypt in order to take them to a new, pure land. They killed all the bad people so that they could insure the purity of their race. It didn’t work for they finally became as corrupt as the people they replaced, even killing the messenger of the Covenant.

The Christians and Muslims kill each other just as the Catholics and Jews. The irony here is that nothing has ever changed. The Muslims and Christians and Jews could not eradicate sin. Why? because they were sinners just exactly like those they kill. And nothing changes, ever! Muslim men watch pornography just like Christian men do. They all commit murder in the name of God. They all only care about themselves. Nothing has changed since Cain and Abel. All things remain as vain as in the beginning.

Christians, Jews and Muslims all end up in the grave. And the love of God is only lip service and a vain defense of their own useless position and dogma.

When professed Christians leave church, they plan the murder of their Muslim enemies. When Muslims get up from their prayer rugs, they plan the death of their Christian and Jewish enemies. When the elite leave their secret society, they plan the death of everyone. It is all a vain exercise in futility that has continued for millennia and no one goes to heaven.

Will the world change? not if it lasted a billion generations. If the world was entirely Christian, entirely Jewish, or entirely Muslim it would not change. “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” James 1:27

Who has this?? Who can say that this is the core of their lives?? No man!! For all have gone astray after the smoke of vanity, seeking the destruction of their neighbor so that they might gain their stuff.

Go ahead! Prove me wrong. Show me where I am in error. You can’t. The destruction of the world is just. Vanity of vanities, ALL is vanity. It has always been so. For thousands of years men’s religions have failed. All that is left is God alone. If one does not have God alone then he has nothing at all. His thoughts are all vain and his actions only evil continually.

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