The Seven Seals

by Wayne Bent

May 10, 2019

"And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals." Rev. 5

The seals of Revelation are seals that have sealed up the revelation of the last days. A strong angel cries out "Who is worthy to open the seals [so that we might understand the closing events]?" No one "in heaven, nor in earth … was able to open the book or look upon it." Then it was announced in heaven that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah had been found worthy ('suitable') because he had prevailed. The other beings could not even look upon it, but the Lion could because He had experienced the events written therein and had prevailed. While living within the Final Prophet, foretold in the Dead Sea Scrolls, He had overcome all of the attacks and accusations that the devil had amassed against Him during the harrowing ordeal of His false conviction and imprisonment.

"Then there stood a Lamb (sacrifice) as it had been slain" with seven horns (all powerful) and seven eyes (all seeing) because they are the Spirits of God. After the Lamb had been "slain" by His seven-year sacrifice in prison He was now able to open the seals and reveal to the people of God His power to prevail over all things within themselves, as He had prevailed. And they praised the Lamb for He made them kings and priests and that they should reign on the earth.

It is evident that this "reign on earth" is an experience received from the Lamb while on earth. He gives the people who receive Him the priesthood and kingship against all foes. This coronation of God's people begins with the first seal.

Under the first seal was a conquering white horse and rider. This was made evident when the Holy Spirit was poured out on Strong City in the year 2000. The Spirit of Messiah came and conquered while all foes were vanquished. He was given a crown as a king and he had a bow which could pierce through any armor of the adversary. This horse and rider carried out their work for three and a half years. The "midst of the week" marked the beginning of the end of intercession and the "daily" intercession was removed which had previously kept all souls from resisting the "king" and "priest." Satan was allowed to test the professions of the people without special protection by the Holy Spirit.

This removing of the "daily" brought in the time of the red horse. "Power was given him to take peace from the earth and that they should kill one another." This was the era of three and a half years when the spirit of dissatisfaction came into the church and some of the people killed the souls of others. They separated from the body of Messiah and made their attacks public. The rider on this horse had a great sword intending to kill and to destroy as the church witnessed in the mockery and deception with which their testimony and Messiah's testimony were disregarded in the first "documentary" pogrom made of them. "The End of The World Cult" and other media was the sore emanating out of this horse. The 1260-day era of teaching had passed and now the people had to live in the sight of a holy God without intercession. Some were unable to keep the Life when in this era. This era lasted until October 31, 2007. This was also the end of the age of 490 years or 70 prophetic weeks since the beginning of the Reformation.

The third horse was black. The rider had a pair of balances in his hand. This was indicative of the trial of Messiah. The balances were in blackness. The seat of the beast (the court) gathered blackness as Messiah's trial exposed the fact that justice had been "turned away backwards" in the courtroom and "truth had fallen" in the ways of the courts of "justice." This brought in a great famine of justice and truth. The people were found wanting of light. The people in the court could see and understand nothing because of this great darkness during the trial. They walked in the darkness of the black horse. This darkness and injustice lasted for seven years until the blood moons and the end of the Day of Atonement in April of 2015. This sealed the world into their rejection. In the presence of the two state's witnesses declaring the innocence of the accused "Messiah," the court retained the conviction anyway. This sealed them in the hardness of their hearts.

This brought the pale horse, the fourth one. The rider was death. When the truth was finally rejected, death was the result. The beasts of the earth now had power to devour the souls of people since they had been given the opportunity to hear the truth but had willfully turned from the testimony of the two witnesses. The people who had joined with adversaries were now sealed in that rejection. The darkness was worse than death, for the pain of the dark side reached into every facet of the religious and political powers and brought a numbing death which was not able to be reversed. It was a greater death than the mere human passing.

The opening of the fifth seal revealed the people of God who were "killed" (destroyed) by the wicked during this time. These were "under" the altar, or bearing the altar, where Messiah had been sacrificed in His seven years of the tribulation. These people who were bearing the Lamb's altar of sacrifice on which He had been "slain," cried out, "How long O Lord until we are avenged? When will we see justice?" These faithful souls who were bearing the sacrifice were now given white robes and told to wait a bit until the others who were "killed" for Messiah's sake were completed.

The sixth seal was then opened and there was a great "earth" quake and everything was out of its natural order. Even the "heavenly" lights were not acting in their usual way. Every mountain and island of security was moved out of its place. We not only see this concerning religion but politics also. Nothing is as it was just a few years before. Families, marriage, international law, sexual status, education and every other thing is out of its place and natural order. The great men of the earth and everyone else are afraid of the actual truth now and they all are hiding under the rocks and mountains of their "earth" so that they do not see justice and righteousness in their true light. Hypocrisy and the lie is their great reality and the whole earth is in it.

Everyone is hiding from and denying the presence of the wrath of the Lamb, which is now unleashed into the earth in every place. This is where we are now. The rebellion of mobs and anarchists is seen everywhere especially in the colleges and universities.

After these events the angels are holding in check the war that is straining to break out to cover the earth with sorrow and woe. The angels are holding it in check until the saints are sealed, unable to be moved from their faith in the Lamb before this great and final event. One hundred and forty-four thousand were sealed.

John also sees a great multitude from all ages. One says, "Who are these in white robes?" referring to those from all ages bearing the sacrifice when there was no man who came to their aid and bearing the contradiction of all men and the attacks of Satan till the end. These are they who went through great tribulation (difficulty and trial).

Under the seventh seal are the seven trumpets of God's crisis, avenging those in white under the altar who in great tribulation bore the assault of all evil forces pressing against them. When the saints are sealed the great winds of strife are released over the earth. The world will then receive the effects of their rebellion, for the earth itself would now be rebelling against them.