God's Faith

Why Men Do Not Want It

(The Birth of LifeSupports)

By Wayne Bent

May 1, 2019

Turkey in GardenRecently, I walked past the garden where we had grown vegetables and corn. We now leave the gates open so that animals can go in and out, eating whatever grows of itself there. I noticed a lonely wild turkey-cock pacing back and forth looking for a way out even though the gates were open. I ignored him for a few hours until evening and then thought that he might need some help or he would not find his roost that night. I went to the garden and tried to shoo him toward the gate but he only kept reverting to the fence corner where there was no way out. I thought I would need to take drastic actions or this poor turkey would be some predator's food.

I then began to chase the bird and run after it, shouting as I went. Sure enough he ran toward the corner where there was no exit. But this time he mustered up his natural mechanism and took to the sky, flying safely out of the garden and far away where he would be locked in no more.

As I considered the poor bird, I thought, turkeys are just like people, or the other way around. People also will stay trapped, always going in the wrong direction because it seems like the right direction, but their cognitive reasoning seems shut down. Just as with humans, they lack some very basic common sense.

I went to the garden alone, only to help coax the bird toward the gate, but finally I had to devise a plan to make him fly into the heavens and be free because flying into the heavens is not the usual mode of transportation for a turkey, until sunset.

We "turkeys" need spiritual training or we just pace back and forth in our enclosure even though the way out has always been open to us. We have always been free but we perceive that we are trapped, just like a turkey would. So, this world's predators use that human trait to trap us and manage us in their monetary schemes. People also have this enslaved fearful trait in connection to their government. "Boo, terrorist!" and all the little turkeys go running off into a trap, gobbling as they go.

Why is it that with all our human religions there is no one who believes God's faith in them? And why is God's faith feared? Why is it that when God shows up, people all head into the fence that entraps them?

There were several events in my life that made me laugh. When I first came to Strong City, I contacted a pastor's son where I used to serve. He said, "Oh, Wayne, how are you? What are you doing now?" I said, "Oh, I'm a cult leader." The conversation abruptly ended and I never heard from him again. I then was contacted by a family member who wanted to visit me. I said to him, "Oh, you want to come and visit Messiah?" He answered, "No, I don't want to visit anyone who thinks he's Messiah." I never heard from him again. I just shook my head in astonishment at these "turkeys." My dictionary says: CULT = "formal religious worship" "a system of religious beliefs and rituals." I cannot imagine any denomination that would not be a cult. A cult is a culture of faith and practice. Everyone is in some kind of "cult" or system of beliefs.

The word "messiah" is the Hebrew word for "anointing." The New Testament says: "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him." Acts 10:38 Also, "Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ (Messiah) and hath anointed US, is God. 2 Cor. 1:21 So, the Scriptures are plain that the "Christian" is established with others in Messiah by God. This "anointed" is exactly the same Greek word describing that Jesus was anointed. The Bible says, "So are we." This is the whole root of the gospel.

Again it is plainly stated: "Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and generations, but NOW is made manifest to his saints: to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of the mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ (Messiah) IN YOU the hope of glory." Col. 1:26, 27

So, clearly stated is that Christians are anointed with the Life of God. That very truth is the "Gate" to freedom. But turkeys cannot go through the gate but must always head for the fence and the blockage. Professed Christians today love their pen while always trying to get out of it. God shows up and they head for the fence.

When I said that God had made me Messiah, all of the turkeys began to gobble. That disturbed the farmer (the state) who felt compelled to get rid of this Messiah who made the turkeys gobble. But I was only showing the turkeys the open gate. But the farmers who manage the birds don't like too much gobbling. Neither do they want turkeys to find the gate.

Life and How it Supports You book coverSo, I endeavored to help the nations to understand the faith of God, our marriage with God and how turkeys judge themselves by their limited view. But no, they just ran off towards the fence, scared to death of this person who was not afraid, as they were.

So, I tried one more thing. I tried to show turkeys the truth by using things that they were acquainted with. I formed LifeSupports and wrote the book "Life and How it Supports You." I held seminars where I would quote Bible verses and other writings that they themselves used in their religion. But, sure enough, when I showed these turkeys the open gate, they ran off in the other direction. I spent the whole weekend trying to convince "Christians" that the Bible was true. But it was all in vain. When you visit churches these days, you hear a lot of gobble, gobble, gobble, but no one heads for the open gate. They name their gobble, tongues, or preaching or some other name but it is just gobbling.

One of those "gates" that I shared with them was "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap." Gal. 6:7 In other words, your life is what you make it. The faith of God knows that this is true. That turkey in my garden always made out that the escape was in the direction where there was no gate. The turkey made it up, just like humans do.

There are people who take drugs, legal or otherwise, to escape the prison, but there is no escape there. Politicians think that to escape an enemy, you go off and bomb them. But the fences only increase and the liberty does not come. Blow up a terrorist nest and suddenly the terrorists are blowing you up.

So, I have spent my entire converted life of more than 52 years trying to show people through theory and parable how God has made a marriage for us with the Holy Spirit. But only a few caught the light. Instead, the people dashed off into fake things and fake news. The world is pretend and fake news but the turkeys believe with all their heart that their fantasies are true. They ended up fantasizing that I touched minors sexually and they put me in prison over what they fantasized. It did not matter what the truth was, their fantasy was what is true for turkeys. When the farmer gets ready, he has a turkey dinner and the turkey didn't know what hit him. This is the effect of not having God's faith, which is always the truth.

I have seen one person who left the message become a fake preacher of the gospel. Another followed a fake God. One made a fake ghost town and another became a fake Colonel Sanders. Why is it that the truth is so hard to take but fantasies they will breathe in without fail as freely as drinking a glass of water?

In National Geographic's movie of me, I stated, "I am fully human and fully divine." The world went berserk. But is it not obvious? The whole Christian world will give lip service to the Holy Spirit in them. "I received the Holy Spirit" they will say. Is not the Holy Spirit fully divine? Is the Holy Spirit half God or part animal? No, the Holy Spirit is fully divine and He is in me. I am also fully human. They will not argue about that. So when I say what is obvious for a professed Christian, they just start gobbling and getting all the farmers (national rulers) upset.

Turkey strutting feathersGod anointed me to open the gates, using all kinds of parables and human life illustrations. He also warned the people "When you see seven women take hold of one man you will know that 'that day' of judgment has arrived." Isa 4:1 When seven women took hold of me, you should have heard the turkeys gobble.

But can't God do what He wants with His Messiahs, especially to fulfill prophecy? But they say, "God wouldn't do that." Oh?? God would not do what He said that He would do?? Yes, the turkeys gobble on, and in the end they all end up as someone's dinner. Yes, turkey dinner for someone is what they finally get to be.

But I opened the gates wide for them. I did nothing to hinder them. AND what they sowed they reaped.

The Scriptures say that Babylon merchandized the souls of men. Rev. 18:13 Yes, these farmers in Babylon have managed the farm for generations, but I say the turkeys permitted it, believed in it and worked for it. The final "freedom" that these turkeys will get is a very hot oven. "For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud [turkeys], yea, and all that do wickedly shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch." Mal. 4:1

In a recent vision, I beheld this destruction. The darkness covered the earth in fire and ruin and nothing remained alive. What a sad day that is nigh unto those who willfully refused to exit their evil pen through the gate. It is true that I showed the nations the gate but my message was locked up for seven years. But I did not lie. Neither did I deceive, but it is obvious now that the nations have received a deception that astonishes even me.

People do not actually want God. I mean, really. They are afraid of what He might ask of them. They don't mind the thought of going to heaven someday when they die since they picture heaven as another earth without the taxes and other things. But they do not want to actually become Sons and have the same life as Yeshua had. That is, Yeshua always only did what the Father showed him to do. Most people have Satan's argument that we should have some human rights and stuff. They want "a life" the way that they want it but not THE LIFE. Many religions try to get God's approval by some religious practice or action. They want heaven on their terms of behavior, mode of prayer, their leader, organization or some other personal self-interest. It is all just turkey-ness. It is all vanity and for nothing.

It is the same for all but a few. They are willing to argue which doctrine is best or which historic prophet is more correct but my LifeSupports seminars were to argue which life was the best. I was hoping to be able to convert people to the Life, which is the actual truth. But, alas, a turkey will always act like one and the people will remain turkeys until they go through the gate. And going through the gate is not something that seems like an option for them.

But a few humans, by the grace of God get their wings and break free from the pen of human opinion, human religion, force and make-believe. Only a few have "translated into the kingdom of His dear Son." Col. 1:13