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What Is “The Lord Our Righteousness?”

By Wayne Bent
March 20, 2019

On this equinox when the light becomes more than the darkness, and it is the first equinox supermoon in 19 years from when we arrived in the land, I say again what I have said from the beginning. The message I share is the message God put in me fifty-two years ago today. When the world heard my message it went into emotional spasms over “cult” “suicide” and other mental contortions. The world is that hypocritical force for doing better, being nice, thinking right thoughts, doing good deeds and being blessed by its preachers, priests and elected officials. Eve wanted a better life and she wanted to know the difference between good and evil also. She wanted wisdom and to know the secrets of success that the serpent was selling her from his pulpit in the tree. One can see what was the outcome. Adam stood by his wife, doing a “good thing” for her and we can see what that gave the world. She left “God Alone” so that she might get a little something for herself.

Satan has arrived again as an angel of light and is always ready to offer humans a “right way.” He suggests wonderful ways to get closer to God. He heals the sick, and his false prophets in our world declare for themselves prosperity, and how to get blessed and how not to be offended and other wonderful things to expect from God. The people say, “This is the coming of Christ.” All the churches now join in door-to-door evangelism, Bible studies and promoting church attendance, as did the Jews in their synagogues many hundreds of years ago.

So what has been the outcome since then? I will tell you: the outcome has been injustice, war, much hypocrisy and pretense. The churches play at good works and defend their own righteousness with undeterred determination to get saved and approved of God. They will hold to their forms until their fingers are bloody. The people want to be taught how to get better even though they don’t actually get better. The people do not actually overcome all sin, and that is a cardinal doctrine. “One cannot actually cease from sin in this life all of the time but we keep on trying.” That little caveat is necessary to keep the churches full of those trying to get better. These “hospitals for sinners” have turned into motels for sinners and they do not actually cease from their sins but defend them. Do people stay in hospitals when they are healed? NO! They stay in hospitals if they are not healed. They do not realize, however, that these “hospitals for sinners” have no intention of healing the soul or they would not keep the hospitals full if they did. The doctors in these hospitals are sick themselves and they have guaranteed the sickness to remain with their patients.

Conservatives and liberals, capitalists and socialists all have their solutions that were suggested to them by their teachers. They have holy water, holy beads and holy meetings but in the end they are not saved. They continue carrying out their efforts of dead works, which were not initiated by the living God but by their own vain imaginations, instead. This is all the very same self-generated religion as the idolaters and unbelievers that they protest. “Oh foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you?”

But the nations rejected my message and they all return to their dead forms, calling for their rocks (Bible verses) and mountains (historical teachings and political parties) to hide themselves from my face. They gnash their teeth and mourn because of the Son of man. They all go back to the “old ways” of sinning and repenting or not repenting at all. They go back to their relics, icons, and churches. But he who saves his life by all these wonderful means mentioned in the prophets’ “self-help” books, shall lose it: and he who loses his life by yielding up to God for my sake and the gospel’s sake will find it. (Matt. 10:39)

The world went delirious when I said that one must be naked and unashamed with God. The world went insane when I said that I was the true Husband. Why? Because all men work to save themselves by their politics, religions or their own right ideas and by the laws that they do not keep themselves. But they will all perish in their vain beliefs.

But I say unto you that death is the way to rest. My complete rest came upon me when I died to myself. The Lord became my righteousness and not myself. I am dead to good works, right beliefs and a good diet. I am dead to new cars, designer furniture, miracles and praying especially hard. I am dead to health and wealth and prosperity. I am dead to pleasing people or making them like me. Why? Because I am alive unto God, married to Him, naked and unashamed with Him, lying still on His “green bed.”

I cannot revert to repetitious prayers and good works to feel good about myself. I cannot go back to the earth, for heaven is my home now, and in heaven I live as the angels. That is, I lie still and move only by the Voice of God. He is my wealth, security and my righteousness. I need not entertain offense, defense or “good deeds.” When I hear the Voice, I move to carry out my instructions, without declaring, demanding, comparing, struggle or trouble. This is now the name of God’s people. It is their Father’s name written on their foreheads. God is our Master, our Husband, Shepherd and Friend. Everything else passes away, but the love for God stays forever. This is the religion of Jesus (Yeshua). This is the ONLY true Christianity.

This is the experience of those who “receive the promise.” THIS is the deliverance promised in the prophecy of Daniel. This is “standing in your lot.” While God’s people are here in this experience, the world works harder than ever to save themselves, and all of it in vain. Demons never find rest. Only those souls in the Sabbath rest of God find it and they do not find it by living well, but by not living unto themselves at all. It is easy living, not being offended, not sinning, when one is dead. That is, when one is dead to himself, he then lives unto God, at rest, in peace and patient joy. It is the natural result. It is the natural effect. For all that is in the world, the desires of the natural man, and the desires of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. (1 John 2:16) “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.” 1 John 5:19, 20

I have not changed my mind. I have not changed my message even though the world put me in prison because of it. Those who enter into life walk on this path of pure liberty even if surrounded by razor wire and iron doors. When one has the light on his own evil and dies to his own righteousness, then he cannot be offended in me. When one believes that he is good or holy, he will have nothing but offense for those who do not come up to his own self-righteous view of himself. But I receive sinners. I bear with the brokenhearted. I tell them the way and the way is ONLY in God alone. But the false prophets recommend that one pray a lot. The world loves designer Christianity and they will persecute those without their designer forms and works as they did me. But God’s people march on without the cares of this life and its pride. They do not care for the righteousness of man but only the righteousness of God that lives within them as naturally as the color in a flower or the sweet scent of a spring rain.

All of the religion and politics of this world cannot give a moment of rest, but only one moment in God’s nothingness, and one rests in peace.

“Think not” and “fear not” goes with those who know their own wretchedness and die to their own rightness. Nothing can offend them and the old regrets pass away. THIS is the Lord Our Righteousness. When one enters his lot, he needs no prophets or teachers again. It is this one who is married to me and rests naked and unashamed with me. It is this one who ascends with the Child, unconscious of himself and only conscious of his Father’s instructions. His life is easy and light. His path is always clear before him, his rest is only in the kingdom “within.”

Satan now evangelizes the world as an awesome, bright being with light and truth, healing the sick, sometimes “speaking in tongues,” yet at the same time causing death and destruction in the wars he incites the nations to enter into, for good reasons, of course. If possible he could even fool the elect of God. But the elect do not follow light, power and truth. They do not follow national or religious greatness. They do not worship at the feet of human power and influence. They worship God alone. They ONLY hear His Voice. He dwells in them, rules over them and puts His present truth within them. THIS is the Lord Our Righteousness and the second coming of Christ. THIS will never change.