Wayne Curtis Bent is currently, at the publication of this writing in February 2019, 77 years old. He was born in Riverside, California in 1941, seven months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He married in 1962 and had three children over the next seven years. When he was 25 years old, while fasting and in prayer, he heard the voice of God command him three times to leave his Sunday-keeping church and then he heard God command him once to keep the seventh-day Sabbath. Obeying this command, Wayne Bent soon after earned his master's degree in religion, and successfully served in denominational ministry for 12 years in a Sabbath-keeping church before taking up the work of spiritual training in his LifeSupports seminars. In 1987, Mr. Bent co-founded the Lord Our Righteousness Church.

The Lord Our Righteousness congregation of 77 people came to New Mexico in the year 2000, so that God could work for us in the wilderness in a greater way. The wilderness was intended for a place of meditation and prayer and to walk with God having less distraction.

But soon after arriving, the media and some state agencies came against the community for being a "cult" and allegedly planning suicide. National Geographic finally launched their dark tale with suspicion and innuendo, falsely claiming that Mr. Bent had predicted the end of the world for the end of 2007. Rev. 12:15; Jn. 8:44 Their mockery only set them against the understanding of the end of the age and locked them into disbelief of the truth. The spirit they received to attack Mr. Bent has divided their own nation. The Republicans and Democrats, as the Pharisees and Sadducees before them, agree on nothing except for their hatred of the one anointed by God.

These things paved the way for the general media pogrom heavily laced with "fake news." Then came the crying out of the mob, with other haters, which followed the reports that led to the incarceration of Mr. Bent. He placed his hand once on the sternum of a 16-year-old girl while praying for her healing. This one time touch on the sternum was declared to be "felony criminal sexual contact of a minor." This 16-year-old girl denied that Mr. Bent ever touched her sexually or ever had any contact with her in that way. After serving seven years in prison for this healing procedure Mr. Bent was released from prison on February 11, 2016, "in the name of justice," according to the judge's order, because of his malignant cancer.

In 2012, in the very midst of Mr. Bent's imprisonment, the church was led to two Dead Sea Scrolls research studies. These Scroll compilations had been compiled by two independent scholars. The Scroll details which they uncovered in their research brought together a detailed portrait of an individual foretold therein to be the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness for "the End of Days." These two Scroll compilation painted with unerring accuracy the life details of Wayne Curtis Bent: his calling from God when he was in the womb, his parents and early childhood, his youth, his anointed mission, his testimony in old age and his ascension to heaven after his work was completed. In 2016, after his 11-hour cancer surgery, which was seven months before his release from prison though it was not known yet that he would be released, the church further discovered in the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll itself that very specific aspects of his court trial and his malignant cancer during his imprisonment had been foretold in detail.

The particular Scroll quotations included in this writing are the specific Dead Sea prophecies which foretold the events of our little community which are widely known in national and international news and in the "documentaries" (pogroms) made of us: the Final Prophet's trial and imprisonment, his cancer in prison, our unnatural events in this land which God forced to occur – and which elicited great public rage, and our testimony of our anointed mission to ascend – which brought upon us the repeated accusations throughout our time together that we were a "suicide cult." Yet the following Scroll prophecies foretold those very events, as well as disclosed in advance the divine purpose of them.

Wayne Curtis Bent aka Michael Travesser, now sees the purpose of his work as completed. That for which he was born is finished. In the day of Yeshua, when his work was completed, he declared, "It is finished." John 19:30 In this final age the angel declares, "It is done." Rev. 16:17 For the world, the decree of Messiah is the same as it was before. After the people had been warned and the warning rejected, he announces, "Your house is left unto you desolate." Matt. 23:38 Mr. Bent sees that this is all now very self-evident. The very events carried out by the state, when our church and family were wrongfully destroyed by them Dan. 9:26, is now being carried out against themselves, by themselves. Dan. 9:27 What they falsely accused Wayne Bent of doing, they now accuse each other of doing. Each soul is now deadlocked (sealed) into their own position for good or evil. This day marks the end of the world as we have known it.

Mr. Bent stated that as the crucifixion of Jesus opened the gates for the end of their present-day Jerusalem, so his own "crucifixion" and "cross" opened the gates for the end of the world. History repeats itself. Just as Yeshua's cult was the divine marker portending the end of the city of Jerusalem, so Messiah's cult has been the divine marker portending the end of the Christian nation and the whole world. The media who mockingly named their so-called documentaries of us, "The End of the World Cult" and "Messiah on Trial" portended the ominous end for a generation once again in rebellion to the message that God sent to them.

The following personal testimony of Wayne Curtis Bent aka Michael Travesser, and his prophetic testimony written in the Scrolls of the Dead Sea, contain the poignant highlights of his story.