Hymns Revealing Our Anointed Mission To Ascend


The Dead Sea Hymns which clearly revealed our anointed mission to ascend are detailed and profound. Yet an introductory background is necessary in order to take in their momentous significance. Our Actual Fulfillment of these striking Hymns took place during the period of time which the Dead Sea Scrolls had foretold as 'the Appointed Time' of 'the End.' The Scrolls had been specific regarding what that future time period would look like, as well as when it would commence. And it was during that very period foretold that Father took us through these Scroll prophecies and clearly revealed to us what ascending actually entailed, though He told us nothing of each Scroll prophecy He had us in at its commencement.

The Dead Sea Serekh Scroll contained specific, descriptive details of the purifying era of time at the end of 'the final age' which it described as 'the time of His visitation,' 'the appointed time of judgment … at the time of the visitation,' 'the determined end, and … the Renewal.'

The Dead Sea Peshur Habakkuk further foretold that those 'Last Days' would stretch out way longer than the prophets had ever imagined:

And God told Habakkuk to write down what was coming in the Last Generation, but He did not reveal to him the Time of the Completion of the Era (or 'when the Age would end'). … For there shall yet be another vision of the Appointed Time, and it will speak of the End and it will not Lie. … The Last Era (or 'Last End') will be extended and exceed all that the Prophets have foretold, since the Mysteries of God are astounding. 1QpHab 7:5-14, translated by Robert H. Eisenman, The New Testament Code: The Cup of the Lord, the Damascus Covenant, and the Blood of Christ, pgs 572, 711 {parentheses are translator's}

We were to find out from personal experience that Father was going to stretch out 'the Last End' much longer than the prophets had originally been told. The significance of this Scroll prophecy was seen in hindsight, after Father had completed the events of Actual Fulfillment with us.

It was in the Dead Sea Melchizedek Texts that the specific Messianic prophecy was written which disclosed the commencement of this final time period, revealing when the time of 'His visitation' was to begin. This prophecy was a 10-jubilee prophecy which started a countdown from its 1st 49-year jubilee cycle to the beginning of its 10th and final 49-year jubilee cycle – which is when its Messianic events were to begin. The Melchizedek Texts also gave details of the nature of this appointed time of judgment, as well as the Messianic figure who would make his Jubilee announcement in the 1st week of the 10th jubilee, and who would then appear at 'the end' –the last seven years, or 70th "week" of years – of that 10th jubilee. That is when He would carry out His eschatological work of Atonement and Jubilee release of those captives whom He had been sent to release, those who were His 'inheritance.' In order to get a clear view of where this Melchizedek Texts' prophecy came in time, we will briefly review God's system of counting time which He originally gave to His people. In the process, we will also see how it revealed itself in an unexpected, recurring pattern which repeated itself precisely in each age of history. This will put the crucial significance of the prophecy contained in the Melchizedek Texts in its decisive place in time.

God's Building Blocks of Time

We will look briefly at God's building blocks of time – from the smallest to the largest – and as we progress through them we will see the most awesome pattern emerge.

God's first building block of time was established during the week of the creation of this world. That was when His first time-counting pattern of "seven" was established. In Hebrew, the literal meaning of the word that has been translated as "week" is "sevened." Its definition is "seven (as the sacred full one); period of seven (days or years)." In God's eyes a week was "full" or reached its "fullness" of time on the seventh day. And at the close of the seventh day that week had literally been "sevened."

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it ('set it apart as sacred'): because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. Gen. 1:31; 2:1-3

Remember ('keep in remembrance') the sabbath day, to keep it holy ('set it apart as sacred'). Ex. 20:8

To God, His seventh day Sabbath was the climax of the entire week of days. It was the set-apart day of His appointment and intimate time with His people. The Sabbath was so important to God that when He instructed His people to start counting larger periods of time, they were to count time by the Sabbaths that went by.

This is God's first building block of time, His first "period of seven":

God's next building block of time was a "period of seven" that He gave His people for counting off larger periods of time: a "week" of years.

The seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the LORD. Do not plant your fields or prune your vineyards during that year. Lev. 25:1-7 KJV, NLT

This "period of seven" years was the foundation for God's next larger cycle of sevens that He gave His people to count off, which was "seven sevens" or seven "weeks" of years. This equaled one 49-year jubilee cycle. In the next table we are going to zoom out and show "seven sevens" at a glance: each "week" contains seven years, and there are seven rows of "weeks" altogether:

In addition, you must count off seven Sabbath years, seven sets of seven years, adding up to forty-nine years in all. Then on the Day of Atonement in the fiftieth year, blow the ram's horn loud and long throughout the land. Set this year apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there. It will be a jubilee year for you, when each of you may return to the land that belonged to your ancestors and return to your own clan. This fiftieth year will be a Jubilee for you. Lev. 25:8-11 NLT

In this table of "Seven Sevens" At A Glance, the seven 7th-year Sabbaths and the 50th-year Jubilee are highlighted to show that they were the holy, set-apart years. And as can be seen, the 49th-year Sabbath year and the 50th-year Jubilee were two, consecutive, holy set-apart years. This table gives a visual picture of God's original jubilee cycle: a 49-year cycle with its 50th-year Jubilee year sharing a year with the 1st year of the next 49-year jubilee cycle. In this way, God's jubilee cycles were interlocked, overlapping on the 50th and 1st shared-year to form one continuous, interconnected flow of time counting.

Take a minute to look carefully at the numbers in this 49-year jubilee cycle so they can register in your memory. Notice particularly the pattern of 1-49; the seven years across, the seven rows of "weeks" down, and then the 50th year. We will be zooming out further in the next table and if the numbers and words are familiar to you, you will recognize their pattern in a smaller-scale version, even though you can no longer read them.

Continuing on in Leviticus 25 with God's instructions for the 50th-year Jubilee,

During that year you must not plant your fields or store away any of the crops that grow on their own, and don't gather the grapes from your unpruned vines.

This instruction for the 50th-year Jubilee, which followed the 49th Sabbath year of rest for the land, helps us to identify the one place in Scripture which revealed when God's people were at that very juncture in their jubilee cycles. This was God's message to Hezekiah through Isaiah:

And now, Hezekiah, says the Lord, this shall be the sign of these things to you: you shall eat this year {49th} what grows of itself, and in the second year {50th} that which springs from the same. And in the third year sow and reap, and plant vineyards and eat the fruit of them. Isa. 37:30 AMPC

"Seventy Sevens"

ten 49-year jubilees = 490 years

God's largest building block of time which He counted out to His people in Scripture was "seventy sevens" or 70 "weeks" of years. Since each 49-year jubilee cycle contained seven "weeks," it took ten jubilee cycles to make seventy "weeks" of years. Altogether this 10-jubilee period was 490 years, or one 490.

Daniel 9:24-27 contains the record of this specific prophetic time:

'Seventy sevens' are 'marked out' and 'decreed' for your people and your holy city … Dan. 9:24 'lit. Heb. defins.'

This particular prophecy in Daniel was a special, probationary period of time for God's people which He had specifically set apart for them. It contained a list of certain things that needed to be accomplished in His people and for His people by the coming of His Messiah to them. This was a very special "Preparatory 490" which God took His people through, preparatory to the coming of the Messiah in the final "week" of years of the 10th jubilee.

This "One 490" table also shows how the 10-jubilee prophecy of the Melchizedek Texts looked at a glance. That 490 was also a "Preparatory 490" – a special 490 during which God prepared His people for the coming of the Messianic figure which He had foretold would appear in 'the end' of the 10th jubilee in this final generation to deliver the captives who were His.

Final Prophet Sees God's Largest Time Period

The Dead Sea Melchizedek Texts had also revealed beforehand that the Final Prophet, known therein as 'the messenger,' 'the Anointed one of the Spirit,' would reveal God's largest period of counting time. It was written of him there,

The messenger is the Anointed one of the spirit … : it is concerning him that it is written ... To comfort those who mourn: its interpretation, to make them understand all the ages of time ... 11Q13, 18-20, translated by Geza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, pg 533

Theodor Gaster's translation and reconstruction of those lines renders them this way:

The herald is he who is elsewhere described as the one anointed with the Spirit (Isa. 61.1)—the same whom Daniel calls the anointed leader who will make his appearance at the end of seven weeks of years—that is, at the final jubilee {the 10th 49-year jubilee cycle} … he of whom it is written, The Lord has sent me to comfort all who mourn, (Isa. 61.3)The comfort in question will consist in giving them a true over-all view of the successive eras of history (lit. the world), in their respective times. 11QMelch 17-21 translated by Theodor Gaster, The Dead Sea Scriptures, pg 436

The Actual Fulfillment event by which the Final Prophet gave us 'a true over-all view' of 'all the ages of time' came about in a most unexpected way. On Day of Atonement, October 3, 1987, the Spirit of God began taking us through 'the end' events which the Dead Sea Melchizedek Texts had foretold, though we knew nothing of this Scroll prophecy at that time. God sent His messengers to us with increased light. They were connected with His Final Prophet, though we did not know that he was the Final Prophet until 2012. Through God's messengers, He was offering to us the gift of the sinless life of His Son, and He was especially highlighting to us the divine faith with which Yeshua had lived out His sinless life during his 33 years on earth. Several Old Testament prophecies were shared with us that prophesied and described the quality of faith that the Son of God would live by on earth. We had read of the results of that sustaining, indomitable, divine faith in the life of Yeshua and recognized that it was of a quality and nature that we were not experiencing. We immediately acted on God's light and received His gift.

After our acceptance of it, God then instructed us to no longer fellowship where we had been – with those who did not receive His gift and who had proven themselves hostile to it. He called us instead to begin meeting together with "those of like precious faith." 2 Pet. 1:1 It was at this time that God connected us with His Final Prophet and 'set him in our midst,' just as the Hymns Scroll had foretold. The Final Prophet did not know that we were in the fulfillment of this Scroll event, and we did not know it either. We were simply following the leading of the Spirit of God within us. We were to discover later that this is how Father would lead us through the many Scripture and Scroll prophecies foretold of us. He would bring us into a prophecy without us knowing we were in it, and then after He had taken us through some of its identifying events He would draw us to the prophecy itself. He would show us what He had brought to pass in it so far and would then continue taking us through the remainder of its events.

Five years later, in 1992, when only two years were left of the final "week" of years of the Melchizedek Texts 490, Father connected the Final Prophet with Theodor Gaster's translation of the Dead Sea Melchizedek fragments which he had entitled, The Last Jubilee: A Sermon ('Melchizedek Texts') (Reconstruction). The Final Prophet studied this 10-jubilee/490-year prophecy for several weeks. He clearly recognized in its descriptions the very events that the Spirit of God had been taking us through for the past five years. In the Melchizedek Texts, the Spirit of God was identified as Melchizedek. This title revealed the specific nature of the Son's dual King-Priest divine mission for us and within us. The Final Prophet saw where we were in the prophecy and that it would end in two years, in 1994.

Father then drew the Final Prophet to find out how many years there were between the ending of the Melchizedek Texts 490 that we were currently in, back to the ending of Yeshua's 490 that he had fulfilled. His 490-year prophecy had been Daniel 9's "70 weeks of years" which God had "set apart" for the Jewish people from 457 B.C. to 34 A.D. In the last "week" in Yeshua's 490, the 70th "week" of years, there had also been a Harvest: God had given Yeshua a message to give to His people. Those who accepted His light through Yeshua were called out from those who did not accept the light and were hostile to it. God had then gathered His called-out ones into a new and distinct company of believers "of like precious faith," just as He had done with us.

So the Final Prophet counted back from the ending of our Melchizedek Texts 490 in 1994, to the ending of Yeshua's 490 in 34 A.D. and there were exactly four 490s, totaling 1,960 years. At the end of that set of four 490s was the "Harvest" in the "last week" of years. This table shows at a glance what a set of four 490s look like. In each 490 the ten 49-year jubilees can be clearly seen, and then the Harvest at the end of the 10th jubilee of the 4th 490 – the Preparatory 490.

The Final Prophet had now seen the same pattern twice. That led him to count back from the end of Yeshua's 490, another set of four 490s. That took him to Abram and his calling from God – when God harvested him out from among his unbelieving relatives and country in the 4th 490 back then. The beginning event of that first set of four 490s had been the birth of Seth during the 1st jubilee of the first 490. Seth was the beginning of a long, unbroken line of descendants from Adam who were faithful to God. God had just given the Final Prophet His 'true over-all view' of 'all the ages.'

This table shows the Three Ages of History at a glance. God's uninterrupted timeline of twelve interlocked 490s was not seen as such in history, but they were still in place and occurring nonetheless. From God's vantage point they were clearly visible, and in 1992 He had revealed them to be such to the Final Prophet. It was truly a great comfort to us when the Final Prophet shared the light of the Three Ages with us because we saw where we were at the end of time. We had already felt the Spirit of God within us bearing witness to us that we were in the events of the end, but now He had given us His confirming picture of it, as well.

We will be zooming in closer to each of the Ages, so take a minute now to look at the Three Ages and the distinct pattern that repeated itself in each age: There were four 490s in each age; each 490 contained 10 jubilee cycles; and the 4th 490 was always the "Preparatory 490" with its 10th jubilee Harvest. As can be seen in the Three Ages at a glance, the Melchizedek 490, which the Dead Sea Scrolls foretold, was the final 490 in God's long, uninterrupted, interconnected jubilee cycles of the Jewish jubilee calendar. It was the 12th 490 of the Three Ages. Those twelve 490s signified the perfection of God's government, or God's rulership, of the ages. E.W. Bullinger wrote of the number 12:

TWELVE is a perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. The sun which "rules" the day, and the moon and stars which "govern" the night, do so by their passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac … the great circle of the heavens of 390 (12 x 30) degrees or divisions, and thus govern the year." E. W. Bullinger, Number in Scripture, It's Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance, Part II, Twelve, pg. 253

Altogether, the Three Ages contained 120 jubilee cycles. Noah preached for 120 years to prepare the people to enter the ark and escape the cleansing of the entire earth by water. For 120 jubilees the Father and Son unfolded Their light for the complete redemption of human beings, in order to prepare the people of the final generation to enter into Their personal preparation to translate them from this earth to escape the final destruction that consumes the entire earth by fire.

How God Extended 'the Last End' of the Ages – the End of the Third Age – To 'Exceed

All That the Prophets Had Foretold'

The harvest of the Third Age was an extra momentous event. This was the final age of this earth's history. God was now harvesting a people not just from one age on this earth to the next one here, He was harvesting a people to prepare for translation from this world altogether. Additional preparation was required in order for us to be fitted to be perfectly at home with God in the un-earthly world in which He dwells. We had no clue as to how much preparation we actually needed. Father was very gentle with us as He carefully broke the reality to us of the prolonged 'End' He was taking us through. He unfolded it to us slowly, one prophecy at a time.

Melchizedek Texts 490

To the left is a zoom-in of the Melchizedek Texts 490 – the final 490 of the final Age. As a "Preparatory 490" it contained special divine helps and a unique unfolding of light in preparation for the Harvest at the end of its 10th jubilee. It was a Messianic 490 revealing the first work of Messiah's Spirit at His return.

This is a zoom-in of the tiny golden brown square marking the 1st year of its 1st jubilee. Take a close look at the second "week" of the 1st jubilee and see the tiny green square. Now look at the 4th "week" and see the tiny red square in the second year. Those reveal the commencement of our extra help.

Martin Luther 'Christian 490'

The way that Father provided our extra preparation at the end of the Third Age was to initiate the commencement of two additional "Preparatory 490s" during the 1st jubilee of the Melchizedek Texts 490. Each one was a stand-alone 490. That is, it was not at the end of a long, uninterrupted line of 490s as the Melchizedek Texts 490 was. Each one began at a different time and each one ended with a Harvest "week" and 50th-year Jubilee. So instead of one "Preparatory 490" ending the Third Age – as had been the case with the First Age and Second Age – the Third Age ended with three "Preparatory 490s." These triple 490s ran concurrently, then their three Harvest "weeks" followed one another in an amazing divine order. We will zoom in on them shortly.

This is a zoom-in of the tiny green square in the 1st jubilee of the Melchizedek Texts 490 to the far left. To the right of it you can see a black arrow pointing from it over to Father's first additional 490 which ended the Third Age – the Martin Luther Christian 490. This 490 began 13 years after the the Melchizedek Texts 490 began. The beginning marker event was Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the church door on October 31, 1517 – the event that has come to be recognized as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

This 490 contained specific light for those who professed to believe that the Messiah had appeared in the person of Yeshua for the first Messianic fulfillment of Daniel 9's Covenant prophecy, and who also professed to be Messiah (Christ) followers (Christians). Its Harvest "week" at the end was specifically for Christians and the professed Christian nation, America. The divine purpose and unfolding light of this 490 was to complete the Reformation of the professed Christian church which had begun when the Spirit of God stood up in Martin Luther on October 31, 1517. The light which unfolded prepared those born of God to recognize and receive the Spirit of Messiah Who appeared to them in the person of "the messenger of the Covenant" at the commencement of its Harvest "week."

The prophecy for this 490 was Daniel 9's Messianic Covenant prophecy, second fulfillment. The posting of Martin Luther's 95 Theses – protesting the unconscionable corruptions that had crept into the Christian church who professed to have descended from Christ Himself – was the "going forth" of God's decree "to restore and rebuild" Christianity, i.e. spiritual Jerusalem, from its deeply fallen condition.

The 10th jubilee of the Melchizedek Texts 490 had specifically been for the divine preparation of the young Final-Prophet-to-be and those who would compose the "woman" (church) destined to go into the wilderness with him. Rev. 12 The Melchizedek Texts prophecy foretold that the beginning event of that 10th jubilee was to occur in its "first week" of years. That was fulfilled when the Spirit of Melchizedek (aka Messiah, Michael, the Spirit of the Son) came upon the 10-year-old Final-Prophet-to-be in July of 1951, anointing him with His Spirit as he stood up and read his commission from God, Isaiah chapter 61, in the Baptist church. This divine anointing set him apart as the Son's person for his future mission. Six "weeks" of years later, at the beginning of the Harvest "week," the Spirit of Melchizedek harvested the fully-prepared Final Prophet to use as His personin whom He would hide Himself for a time – as He carried out the first phase of His antitypical work of atonement and Jubilee. He also harvested those who would compose the "woman" whom God had decreed would be with the Final Prophet in his anointed mission. Twelve years later she was the "woman" who "fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared of God" Rev. 12:6 and where she gave birth to the Child – the Messiah – who appeared just in time for the commencement of the Harvest "week" of the Martin Luther 'Christian 490.'

Messianic End Time 490

Father's second stand-alone Messianic 490 commenced in 1526. That was nine years after the beginning of the Martin Luther 'Christian 490' and 22 years from the beginning of the Melchizedek Texts 490.

This is a zoom-in of the tiny red square in the 1st jubilee, 4th week, of the Melchizedek Texts 490 to the far left. To the right of it you can see a long black arrow pointing over from it to the Messianic End Time 490, the third 490 of the triple 490s that ended the Third Age.

It was in the spring of 1526 that the first ever, complete New Testament translated into English, reached its destination in England. It was William Tyndale's 1526 pocket version. He smuggled 3,000 of them into the country in bales of cloth. England's 1408 Constitutions of Oxford strictly forbade the Bible to be translated into the native tongue, so those first English New Testaments were against the law of the land. The only Bibles in England were in churches and they were in latin, so only the highly educated could read them.

But God had anointed William Tyndale with a mission. It was to translate the Bible into simple, plain English – in the vernacular of the common people, and to make it available to every person who desired to read it. He would eventually give his life for this mission. The Word of God had become very obscured and unavailable since the time of Yeshua when the living Word Himself "was made flesh" in Yeshua's person. John 1:1-14 But God's first marker event in the spring of 1526 was the beginning of the Word of God becoming as simple and plain as day during this final 4th Preparatory 490 of the Third Age. And it was beginning with the written Word.

From the very beginning, God marked this Messianic stand-alone 490 with dual markers – a spring marker and a summer marker. Here, we will look at the spring markers.

To be continued

So, this is my testimony. As I have shown previously, I have fulfilled all of the time-prophecies of the Scriptures. Besides this, I have fulfilled the prophecies of the Final Prophet. I have shared everything with the nations and was rejected by people and prophets, governments and media. So now the judgments of God's wrath have come upon the nation and the world. These judgments are now visible in the natural world and its calamities, as well as in the halls of government and education with their political upheaval. The nation has been divided and no kingdom divided against itself can stand. What the nation did to me is now being done to the nation. They destroyed me and our city, and now these things come upon them. Truly, I came at the end of the world.