'Purified Seven Times' to Manifest God's Power Within

Seven Years of 'Purified Seven Times' 2009 – 2016

These two photographs taken of the Final Prophet mark the beginning and the ending of his seven-year imprisonment. The top picture was taken in 2009 where he was incarcerated in Central New Mexico Correctional Facility (CNMCF) in Los Lunas, New Mexico for 5 ½ years. In this photograph he was on the witness stand in a court hearing which the prison had initiated because of his religious fast. He was testifying of his deep personal convictions that had motivated his fast. It was the fourth week of it, and the 3rd day since he had taken no water. The judge ruled that he be force fed by the prison with a feeding tube. The bottom picture was taken in 2016 where he was incarcerated in the Penitentiary of New Mexico (PNM) for 1½ years, and the place from which he was released. He was standing at the window where he could see the parking lot, waiting for some of his family to come for a visit. Those seven years from 2009-2016 were the seven years when the Son "confirmed the covenant with many" from prison in his person. Dan. 9:27, second Messianic fulfillment

We continue now with the Actual Fulfillment commentary on Hymn 9 of the Hymns Scroll translated by Theodor Gaster.

'To show forth Thy power in the sight of all men, Thou hast singled me out, a hapless wretch, and worked a wonder in me, passing me like gold through a furnace … to come forth sevenfold pure' These Hymn lines reveal God's purpose in publicizing the Final Prophet's trial and seven-year imprisonment, and making him a "high profile case" through the National Geographic "documentaries" (pogroms). God was showing forth His power in the sight of all men by the results He was going to bring from the Final Prophet's crucible of humiliation in prison. He was working the wonder in him of causing him to come forth 'sevenfold pure.'

Géza Vermes translated these lines in this way:

Thou hast dealt wondrously with the poor one to manifest Thy might within me in the presence of the sons of men. Thou hast placed him in the melting-pot, like gold in the fire, and like silver refined in the melting-pot of the smelters, to be purified seven times.

Truly, a 'hapless wretch' describes the natural condition of every human being – of itself, without God – and God singled out the Final Prophet as His demo model. Father was going to demonstrate through him what the power of His Son could do within every yielding soul who was willing to be purified by God seven times.

In prison, the Messiah within the Final Prophet began his purifying ministry in his soul by shining His exposing spotlight on events in his life prior to his conversion. As He showed him every aspect of his natural human nature, its fallen attitudes and feelings and its deep, inborn selfishness, the Final Prophet agreed with each revelation of it that Messiah gave him, and took His side instead of defending himself. He yielded to Messiah's exposing light instead of fighting against His righteous judgments of him.

In a most trying crucible, the Son of God purified the Final Prophet's character. And it was to such a depth and extent that his automatic habits are now spontaneously and perfectly reflecting the Son's divine context of life and His responses within him. And this is without his conscious thought or intention because the Son trained them into him in prison.

The Final Prophet is living proof of the maturation of the new Covenant reality within God's people that He had promised they would experience in the last days. Géza Vermes described those results as "inner transformation of every individual" where "the will of God was to become, as it were, second nature." The Dead Sea Scrolls in English, Revised Edition, pg 68 After the Final Prophet was released from prison, the words he used to describe to me the results of the inner transformation and purification he had experienced in prison, was that the Messiah's will and character within him had become "first nature" to him. This is his description of what that looked like:

Everything changed when Messiah came in me {in July of 2000}. Something new happened then, just like at my conversion {in 1967}. I was converted 33 years before, but what happened in Safford {in spring of 2000} was I stepped down off of my whatever I was on and said to Father. "Just put Your footsteps out there, I'll walk in them." And it's because I saw I was not savable. I saw I was just a pile of poop. And so I said, "Well, just use me the best You can use a pile of poop." But the pile of poop didn't change – until the Anointing came {three months later}. And then it changed big. I mean, it was just awesome. And then I had to battle in that new place. Like in my conversion I had to battle through the natural world. Now I had to battle through in the unnatural world {of God's un-earthly instructions to him}. I had to go to war the second time, but with different things.

My biggest battle was in prison. I didn't feel there would be a possibility of failure. That never occurred to me. The possibility was that I could just die there because it was so much outrageous pressure. But it was part of my process to have to be deceived into abandonment to God – so that I could learn more. See, before, the Holy Spirit just drew me, but it wasn't natural. None of it was natural to me – it was the Holy Spirit doing it all. Then in prison He processed me through to where my natural self is not natural of the world, but natural Wayne now is to let Him do whatever He wants with me. I don't have to argue with Him, "This isn't right to do – what You're asking me to do!" Whatever He wants me to do, I'll do. Michael, personal conversation, February 22, 2017

The Final Prophet's life revealed what 'sevenfold pure' looks like in a human being in this final generation. God demonstrated it in him. And what kept him during the "outrageous pressure" of his imprisonment was his Covenant with Father. He 'confirmed the Covenant' with God under severe pressure and intense pain in prison – revealing the keeping power of God's Covenant within a human soul. Prison was the 'graving-tool of life' for the Final Prophet:

Thou hast recorded for them, with the graving-tool of life, the favours of Thy blessings and the Covenant of Thy peace, that Thou mayest reign over them {from within them} for ever and ever and throughout all the eternal ages. … By the hand of Thine anointed, who discerned Thy testimonies … by the hand of Thy poor {Final Prophet} whom Thou hast redeemed by Thy might and by the fullness of Thy marvellous powerThou hast opened the door of hope to the melting heart. Dead Sea "War Scroll," Column XI-XII, Translated by Geza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English, Revised edition 2004

Those Seven Times Refined – God Makes a Sanctuary for Himself

The following Scroll fragment reveals exactly for whom the Final Prophet opened the door of hope by being 'purified seven times.' It was for all those who would follow in his footsteps, letting the Messiah within them take them through the experience of becoming 'seven times refined' by Him, just as the Final Prophet had. These ones are described in detail in the following Scroll fragment. This damaged fragment no longer contained the first part of the first sentence when it was discovered. I asked Father what the missing thought was and He brought the following words to my mind: "The time of His visitation in the final age is for":

. . . God in all flesh, and an avenging judgement to destroy wickedness, and for the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined. God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself, and purity shall endure among the cleansed. They shall be priests, his righteous people, his host, servants, the angels of his glory. 4Q511, fr. 35, translated by Géza Vermes

The Final Prophet was the first among these 'some' foretold to be 'seven times refined. When I printed this Scroll fragment for the Final Prophet and took it to him to read, shortly afterwards he came down to my house, paper in hand, and said to me,

Remember when I was in prison and I told you that I felt like the wrath of God was upon me? When I read this, what stood out to me was, "the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined," and I thought, "Yes, that's exactly how it was in prison." Those who survive the wrath of God get to go to heaven and live with Him.

Now, His wrath is not poured out on me. He stopped pouring out his wrath after seven years {after he came forth 'sevenfold pure' as the Hymns Scroll foretold of him}. So when I got out of prison I poured the wrath of God out onto the earth in my "Little Book" – no mercy, just burning hot, and God lets the devil have the whole thing, just like He did with Satan and Job.

Job had the wrath of God on him. That's when God tells the devil not to destroy you, but He lets him do everything else to you. Everything that the devil's had on you in the past he gets to try you for now – to the uttermost. He knows where he's been able to tempt you in the past so God says to him, "All right," and lets him try you. And those who survive it, they are the Christians {Lit. "followers of Christ" – followers of the Messiah within them}. They are the ones that God will dwell in. These are the people that God won't let the devil kill in this final generation. If the devil killed them that would prove that the devil is stronger than God.

What His wrath is actually released on are all those things in our previously-formed character that were not from Him but which Messiah's intercession had covered – human ways of thinking and feeling, natural reactions, etc. God is for us, and against them, but they have been such an inseparable part of us that it feels like He's coming against us when He comes after them – to expose them to us and get our agreement so He can separate them from us.

The Melchizedek Texts reveal how this 'raging anger of God' purifies His own:

The future King of Righteousness – that is, Melchizedek redivivus {Melchizedek 'reborn' in each soul – 'come back to life, living again'} – will execute upon them God's avenging judgments, and at the same time deliver the just from the hands of Belial and all those spirits of his ilk. 11QMelch, 9, 13, translated by Theodor Gaster

Géza Vermes translates those Melchizedek Texts lines in this way,

For this is the moment … for Melchizedek. And he will, by his strength, judge the holy ones of God, executing judgement as it is written concerning him … Melchizedek will avenge the vengeance of the judgements of God . . . and he will drag them from the hand of Belial and from the hand of all of the spirits of his lot. 11QMelch, 9, 13, translated by Géza Vermes

The next morning Michael and I visited more about 'the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined.' I had read several more Scroll fragments which contained his prophetic testimony and which described details of his process of purification in prison. These I printed for him and as we visited together Father brought out greater light yet regarding the divine science of the Final Prophet's internal experience in prison. The following are condensed excerpts of our visit:

Anaiah: These fragments are you speaking in first person and describing some of your process of purification and what you were dealing with. They're very fragmented, but this one is in a section called Fight against Evil Spirits:

As for me, on account of my fear of God, He has opened my mouth, and through His Holy Spirit . . . {given me the} truth for all these. They have become spirits of dispute in my body, from the frame of the flesh.

And God has placed in my heart the spirit of knowledge and understanding, truth and righteousness. And fortify yourself by the precepts of Godto fight against the spirits of wickedness and not . . . His judgements. 4Q444, fr. 1-4 i, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

Michael: That's very good – 'not fight against His judgments.' 'Dispute' there, I would take that to be like Job's arguments when he was arguing with God about how he felt he was mistreated. And he got cured of that when he said he didn't know what he was talking about. The 'spirit of dispute' to me was, "God, this isn't fair" when I was in court. I'm disputing, and it comes from 'the frame of my flesh' …

Anaiah: … from the context of the flesh: "This isn't right! You forced me to do these things and then You put me in prison and made me suffer for them. I'm disputing this."

Michael: Yes. Job did, and God told him he was right in what he said.

Anaiah: God was getting at other things that Job didn't see.

Michael: Yes, in other words, I was suffering the wrath of God, but it wasn't over some sin I committed. I didn't see that. I was having to bear the wrath of God against my nature and overcome my nature by it. And I had that – 'the spirit of dispute.'

Anaiah: So it says 'spirits' here. Did you identify more than one issue, like, "Why are You hurting me?" Is that another one?

Michael: Yes, and I had depressed spirits almost the whole time in prison. I wasn't in depression, but my spirits were depressed. And a lot of it had to do with dispute – maybe all of it had to do with that.

Anaiah: Well, and when you're in that place, you're judging from human appearances, human feelings and it's not the faith of the Son of God. It's like you were being switched over from the human faithand the appearances and how bad they lookedto His faith.

Michael: Exactly. That's right. That's exactly right, Mom.

Anaiah: This fragment said,

I, the Master, proclaim the majesty of His beauty to frighten and terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels. 4Q510, ibid.

Michael: I feel that way. I was in prayer this morning and praying for Father just to make me His temple – where I am His friend, His companion, and that we did things together. I want to be enrolled in Him: I want Him to be able to use me at every move He has, and that I'll not blip on the screen at all, I'm just with every move He makes; I desire to be conscious and active within it, as if I was His body – only His body. He didn't have to talk to this body to get agreement from it, like He did before. So that was my prayer this morning. And, you know, you get nothing out of it.

I am His temple – and it came from that quote you gave me yesterday. I just thought, Oh yes, that's my heart's desire. So, in that space is where I 'frighten and terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels.' They can't overcome that. There is no way. They have to get agreement to be destroying, and my agreement is with the Father. And I need nothing from it, I just want to walk with Him. That's how I felt when I came here and I felt Him across the wash {arroyo} there. I heard Him in the trees and I just felt so unified. And that's what this land feels like to me, it's so unified with Him.

Anaiah: Yes, in "Union County." And then this fragment said,

Let them rejoice, before the God of justice with shouts of salvation, for there shall be no destroyer in their territories {within them}. And no spirit of wickedness shall walk in there {walk in them - because God's walking in them} for the glory of the God of knowledge has shown forth in His words and none of the sons of iniquity shall endure. 4Q511, fr. 1, ibid.

Michael: The spirit of wickedness – as I identify it – that 'walks in them' is the spirit of offense. It's not like they're out wanting to steal something, but they're offended at somebody. That would be the 'spirit of wickedness' in them that had to be done away with.

Why we Have to be purified seven times

Anaiah: This fragment is revealing why you had to be purified seven times – why we have to be purified seven times.

I will thank thee, for because of Thy glory Thou hast set knowledge on my foundations of dust to praise Thee … out of a shape of clay was I molded; and from darkness was I kneaded, and iniquity is in the limbs of my flesh. 4Q510, fr. 28-9, ibid.

Michael: We come from the earth, that's what we're made from – the earth.

Anaiah: And that's why our "earthliness" has to be removed. That's why iniquity has to be removed from 'the limbs of our flesh.'

This is the quotation from which I was referencing "earthliness." It is from a chapter entitled, "The Time of Trouble," and was foretelling this very time we've been in while being 'seven times refined' by the Messiah within us:

The Lord's eye is upon His people, and His ear listens to their cries. Their affliction is great, the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them; but the Refiner will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire. … It is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire; their earthliness must be consumed, that the image of Christ {the Messiah living within them} may be perfectly reflected. Ellen White, The Great Controversy, pg. 621

Earthliness is what kept Yeshua's disciples from really comprehending Who was hidden in his human flesh until after his ascension and the Holy Spirit was poured out:

Because of their selfishness and earthliness, even the disciples of Jesus could not comprehend the spiritual glory which He sought to reveal unto them. It was not until after Christ's ascension to His Father, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the believers, thatthey began to realize that they had been in the very presence of the Lord of glory. … Their minds were opened to comprehend the prophecies … and they were as men awakened from a dream. … The disciples now seemed, to themselves, of much less importance than before they realized this. {Self-importance is earthliness.} … His lessons, which they had but dimly understood, now came to them as a fresh revelation. Ellen White, The Desire of Ages, pg. 506

Anaiah: And then I thought you might be able to shed some light on this:

I have hated all the works of impurity, for God has caused the knowledge of understanding to shine in my heart. Just chastisers deal with my perversity, and faithful judges with all my sinful guilt for God is my judge. 4Q510, fr. 18, ibid.

'Just chastisers deal with my perversity.' Is that like circumstances?

Michael: Yes.

Anaiah: And 'faithful judges' – is that talking about within you – like convictions? Would they be faithful judges?

Michael: Oh that sounds right to me, Mom, convictions – it's like when He opens my eyes to things and I see what they are, things in myself. Those are the faithful judges, yes.

Anaiah: 'For God has caused the knowledge of understanding to shine in my heart. … for God is my judge.' And then this is the quote:

. . . the raging anger of God towards those seven times refined. God shall sanctify some of the holy as an everlasting sanctuary for himself. And purity shall endure among the cleansed. They shall be priests, his righteous people, his host, servants {bondslaves is probably the literal translation}, the angels of his glory. 4Q511, fr. 35, ibid.

Michael: Yes, that word in the Hebrew is "slave," that's what the word means.

Anaiah: "Bondslave" – permanent bondslave.

Michael: Your servants were slaves.

Anaiah: And, when they decided they loved their master and didn't want to leave when their time was up, then they became a slave forever. That's what the Jubilee and 'those seven times refined' is all about. Because we've had time to be a slave of God, and then we decide we don't ever want to not be a slave in His household.

Michael: Well, that was like my prayers this morning. I got conscious of the fact that I wanted to be a slave – His room: And He could walk around, He could do whatever He wanted, take me wherever He wanted. And that's exactly what I was feeling this morning, Yes, I wanted to be a bondslave of God. Whatever He wants to use me for, I'll be used for that – and I don't have to judge it.

literal meaning of christian – Bondslave to Messiah within you

Anaiah: Yes. I asked for the literal definition of "Christian" in Google and it brought up this definition from Wikipedia:

The Greek word Χριστιανός (Christianos), meaning "follower of Christ", comes from Χριστός (Christos), meaning the "anointed one", with an adjectival ending borrowed from Latin to denote adhering to … belonging to, as in slave ownership. Wikipedia, Christian

Michael: That's it.

Anaiah: And that's why at my Jubilee deliverance the song that Father gave me, one of the verses was, "And now that I'm a Christian" – now that I'm a slave of the Anointing – "I am the least of all."

Michael: You know, the thing that makes this very clear and helpful is the knowledge – if you're not that, then you get to be the slave of the adversary, with all of his torments and trouble and suicide, you know. That's what you get as an alternative. And until we've made our decision, God's helped us and been very gentle with us and not forced us beyond our capacity to comprehend Him. And we come to the place, like this morning my decision was, Yes, I want all of that. I want to be used of God. So, through 77 years of my life He brings me to that place.

Anaiah: And He brings you over and over again, because that was your place you've been. {It gets set home deeper within every time.}

Michael: And the alternative is, you get to be demon possessed.

Anaiah: Demons get to walk in you and live in you.

Michael: That's right, and do whatever they want in you. But that's all there is: We have freedom of choice between one or the other ruler, but the rest of it is up to them they are the chooser of what we do. But we can choose which one we want. The human is just deceived into thinking that it can kind of take a little bit of this and a little bit of that …

Anaiah: … exercise its "independence."

Michael: Yes. No, that's not going to happen.

Anaiah: That exercising of "independence" is the dark side.

Michael: Yes. I really feel the light from this. This goes right down into the core. And the world doesn't like people messing with their core, it's their own little private sanctuary for their selfishness and their lying. All their little idols are in there and they want to keep that all, they don't want that to be exposed. This is for the holy ones who can connect with those kinds of issues.

See, for us to go to heaven, we're standing in all that light and holiness there. Unless we're prepared for it – unless we're partakers of it now – we couldn't stand to be there. It's too bright, too light. So here, Father is preparing us to go to heaven without dying. The people who've been His in the past are going to have to be given a miracle to stand heaven, because the ones that died weren't prepared for it. But it can be given as a gift –if it's been worked out by others

Anaiah: … by those that God purified seven times. He worked it out in us.

Michael: Yes. You know, I know how it will seem – that one statement I made there, "Now I pour the wrath of God out onto the earth." In other words, my judgments are withdrawing support from them – I'm not supporting them. And that's the wrath of God, when He turns away. So that's how I pour it out. In other words, I don't pour out grace to cover their crimes. I won't allow that anymore. I said, "This is what you did, you are wrong," and it doesn't give them any space – except outright repentance, which is very unlikely in the legal world. Yeshua said to his generation, as I say to mine, "Your house is left unto you desolate." Luke 13:35

Anaiah: As you're talking, I'm transferring it over to the experiences that I've gone through, where something that has been covered by intercession – I've been doing just fine with it the whole time. All of a sudden when intercession is removed, I'm not doing fine with it anymore. The cover comes off and you don't feel God at all, you just feel that – whatever it is, and you get to feel it 100%. And then Michael within me, He starts making a way through this maze of familiar thoughts and feelings, and He separates the flesh – He separates that thing from me. And then I'm delivered from it. But it's just what you talked about, you're withdrawing your support:– support is withdrawn from me when intercession is removed, and I have to bear those things and see them.

Michael: The way it works with me, I'll describe it the best way I can. I do not overcome anything. What God does is open up to me what it was, place the Spirit of overcoming in me, and I walk in Him {in the Messiah within} having overcome whatever it is. He's the Overcomer. I don't have any strong will, "Well I'll be this way now" or "I'll be that way now." I don't have any of that.

Anaiah: It's totally futile.

Michael: Yes. It's God's Spirit {the Messiah inside} that gives me that, and I agree with Him. I agree with His Spirit and STEP OUT in it. But He's the Worker. He's the One that makes the changes. He's the One that brings the deliverance. He's the One that shows the Light on it. I'm an agreer.

Anaiah: Yes. And I'm an un-agreer with that thing – whatever it is, because that came from previous agreement. And so I withdraw my agreement, and I agree with Him.

Michael: Yes. And it's God that does the work.

Anaiah: Yes. But He maneuvers me through this maze: It's like I'm totally in the dark and He's just walking me through it. And He's showing me, at the same time, what it looks like and feels like. Because it's the exposure of it, the identifying of it, that makes it lose its power.

Michael: Yes. I've never overcome sin. God overcame sin in me.

Anaiah: Yes, it's the Messiah.

Michael: People can't. I have God Who works the miracle. I haven't had any success in fixing myself. My efforts have always been disputing with God about what He wants me to do, you know, like in prison. That's where I am. And finally I get to the point where I say, "Okay."

Anaiah: "Just and true are Your ways."

Michael: "Just and true. Thy will be done. I agree." That's the overcoming

Anaiah: … that you were given.

Michael: … from Him. You know, we don't throw our crowns at His feet as a humble symbol. No, it was really earned by Him. He earned the whole thing. And I'm very clear about that. When I read about "overcoming" and all this – these self-help books "ways to overcome" this and that and the other thing – it just grosses me.

Anaiah: It's like ways to re-form this turd so that it looks different.

Michael: And how to see the turd in a different way – you put a flower in it; take away the smell – put perfume on it.

Anaiah: … change the shape.

Michael: That's right, Mother. You know, from the very beginning, God has been my Manufacturer.

Anaiah: What I'm seeing are the three periods of purification in a soul that the Serekh Scroll talks about. The third purification is where you're 'purified seven times.' The first one is from your first love until your conversion. And then from your conversion to the coming of Christ in you. And then after the coming of Christ in you is when He has married you to Himself – and now He takes you through that 'purified seven times.' Because we have to be married to Him – He has to be our anchor – in order for Him to take us through that. We wouldn't stand otherwise. It would just be way too much for us.

Michael: I wouldn't have ever handled prison until the Anointing. And most of the way I handled it was to submit, that's how I handled it. But it was horrific internally. I mean, even the wires would scream a message to methe iron doors, the windows that were too small to get throughthey all had a message that they gave me: "You are our captive" – you know, the devil's talking – "You are our captive."

And every natural holy instinct was absolutely not in prison, there isn't any holy instinct there. Very hard for me to live in an environment like that. And that's where this came from {pointing to what was left of his ear where the cancer had been removed}. Conversation with Final Prophet, September 10, 2018

Theodor Gaster's footnote for 'sevenfold pure' is Psalm 12:6:

The 'Word' of the LORD {'the Word of God' – the Messiah – living within a human soul} is a 'purified' Word: as silver 'refined' in a furnace of earth {our fallen earthly nature - that is what He is refined in}, purified seven times. Ps. 12:6, with 'Heb. defins.'

It is in this context that the true meaning and significance of the first lines of this Hymn can now be comprehended. This is Géza Vermes' translation:

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast not abandoned me whilst I sojourned among a people burdened with sin. Thou hast not judged me according to my guilt, nor hast Thou abandoned me because of the designs of my inclination; but Thou hast saved my life from the Pit.

Thou hast brought Thy servant deliverance in the midst of lions destined for the guilty, and of lionesses which crush the bones of the mighty and drink the blood of the brave. Hymn 13, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

'Thou hast not abandoned me whilst I sojourned among a people burdened with sin' The people burdened with sin were those in the judiciary as well as those in prison. And Father didn't abandon the Final Prophet during his temporary stay in their world.

'Thou hast not judged me according to my guilt, nor hast Thou abandoned me because of the designs of my inclination; but Thou hast saved my life from the Pit' The 'guilt' of the Final Prophet was not what the state charged him with. He was not guilty of "criminal sexual contact of a minor." His guilt was that he was born a human being with a fallen human nature. We humans are born guilty, naturally. But the Final Prophet's experience reveals that God doesn't hold our fallen human nature against us. He doesn't abandon us because of the built-in designs of our fallen inclinations. But He personally does whatever we need to have done to save us from our Pit. Prison is referred to in the Hymns Scroll as the Pit. Prison is a visible picture of our natural fallen human nature – the Pit into which we were born. God saved the Final Prophet internally and externally from the Pit. In prison, the Son of God dwelling within the Final Prophet cut the final nerve that had connected him to his fallen human nature. He now had no more complaints about Father imprisoning him because of an unjust conviction. He was now bonded inseparably to the Son's divine nature and was singing a new song. Instead of 'the song of his pain,' he was singing "the song of the Lamb" within him: "Great and marvellous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are Thy ways, Thou King of saints. Rev. 15:3

'nigh to be rent' This very aptly described the Final Prophet's low physical condition at the moment of his miraculous release from prison by Father's hand. His parole picture, taken on the day of his release from prison on February 11, 2016, tells it all. (PART II, 2nd picture from the end)

'They knew not that my steps were directed by Thee'

Hymn 8 (formerly 3)

Géza Vermes, translator

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast fastened Thine eye upon me. Thou hast saved me from the zeal of lying interpreters, and from the congregation of those who seek smooth things. Thou hast redeemed the soul of the poor one whom they planned to destroy by spilling his blood because he served Thee.

Because they knew not That my steps were directed by Thee, they made me an object of shame and derision in the mouth of all the seekers of falsehood.

But Thou, O my God, hast succored the soul of the poor and the needy against one stronger than he; Thou hast redeemed my soul from the hand of the mighty.

Thou hast not permitted their insults to dismay me so that I forsook Thy service for fear of the wickedness of the ungodly, or bartered my steadfast heart for folly.

'Thou hast saved me from the zeal of lying interpreters' Those were the lying interpreters of the "law" – the attorneys and judges who interpreted the law of "felony criminal sexual contact of a minor" to include the Final Prophet's nonsexual healing touch on the sternum/clavicle of a minor who had asked him for healing.

'Thou hast redeemed the soul of the poor one whom they planned to destroy by spilling his blood because he served Thee' The Final Prophet's long prison sentence was intended to be a life sentence, but God overruled their evil designs. His real crime in the eyes of the state was that He faithfully followed God's Voice to his soul and couldn't be moved from that. The Final Prophet's timely release from prison before his original long prison sentence was up, was Father's fulfillment of this Scroll line and Mark 13:20:

And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect's sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days." Mark 13:20

'an object of shame and derision in the mouth of all the seekers of falsehood' God used the Final Prophet's trial and imprisonment to expose and accomplish many things, but the bottom line is revealed in two things that these two Hymns specifically noted: It revealed "all the seekers of falsehood" and it revealed "them that seek after that truth."

January 26, 2016 prison release hearing in Taos, New Mexico