Cause of Final Prophet's Court Trial and Cancer

'The members of my Covenant have been talebearers'

Hymn 14 (formerly Hymn 9)

Géza Vermes, translator

The members of my Covenant have rebelled and have murmured round about me; they have gone as talebearers before the children of mischief concerning the mystery which Thou hast hidden in me.

And to show Thy greatness through me, and because of their guilt, Thou hast hidden the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth.

They have overtaken me in a narrow pass without escape and there is no rest for me in my trial. They sound my censure upon a harp and their murmuring and storming upon a zither.

'The members of my Covenant have rebelled and have murmured round about me' These were former members of the Covenant between Father, and the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness, and us as a congregation on June 10, 2000, when Father proposed to us, "Will you marry Me?" and we had all said "yes."

'concerning the mystery which Thou hast hidden in me' In this Hymn the Final Prophet prophetically testified of 'the mystery' that God had hidden within him. This is the very mystery which we saw lived out in the Final Prophet himself since July of 2000 – the mystery of divinity and humanity combined in a human soul – the mystery as it was in the life of Yeshua:

Great is the mystery ('the hidden thing') of godliness: God was made manifest ('what had been hidden or unknown was made manifest or visible or known') in the flesh … 1 Tim. 3:16 with ('Gk. defins.')

This is the mystery: that 'the hidden thing,' the Messiah, Who had been hidden in the flesh of the Final Prophet – invisible and unknown – became visible and known in his flesh. This was the mystery as Yeshua had experienced it: the Seed of Messiah was hidden within his embryo at his own conception. The Messiah grew within Yeshua as he grew, though still hidden. Yeshua always yielded to the Messiah within him, letting Him live out His divine life in his human flesh. At Yeshua's baptism the Messiah within him became known, or visible, as revealed by two witnesses: John the Baptist testified Who He was, "the Lamb of God," and the Father Himself testified Who He was. "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased." Matt. 3:17 Yeshua let the Messiah use his body to carry out His divine sacrifice of Himself as the Lamb of God.

Since the time of Yeshua, 'the mystery' had not been understood clearly nor experienced fully – until the Final Prophet was brought into it by God in 2000. The pattern was the same: The Seed of Messiah was 'hidden' in the Final Prophet when God converted him in 1967 and he became a 'new creation.' 2 Cor. 5:17 DBY The Messiah grew within the Final Prophet as he grew, though still hidden. The Final Prophet was always knowingly yielded to the Spirit of God within him, letting Him live out His divine life in his human flesh. In 2000, when Father spoke the words to him, "You are Messiah," the invisible Messiah became visible, the unknown became known – to the Final Prophet and to us. This is 'the mystery' of the coming of Messiah in His people. Yeshua was the Messiah's first person in whom He became visible or known. In this final generation the Final Prophet was the first person in whom the Messiah became visible or known. The Final Prophet then let the Messiah use his body to carry out His divine sacrifice of Himself in "the marriage of the Lamb." The Father Himself testified Who He is, and the Two Witnesses testified Who He is – Who is living within the Final Prophet – the One Who came to marry us to God in the Lamb's marriage. And the One Who revealed Himself in the Final Prophet is within each of us.

It was in 2016 that God brought me into 'the mystery' at my Jubilee deliverance. That is when the Messiah who had been hidden within me since my conversion now became visible in me. It was then that Father led me to the Hymns Scroll for the first time. Because I was experiencing the reality of the mystery within myself, I was in a place where I could clearly identify it in the prophetic testimony of the Final Prophet in the Hymns Scroll. I could recognize the expressions which came from his human nature and the expressions which came from the divine nature of the One residing within him. I could see how the Messiah in the Final Prophet's soul was guiding him with His own divine faith through every impasse that had looked and felt totally impossible to the Final Prophet's human nature – just as I had experienced the Messiah within me guiding me in my own soul. I had first witnessed this Messianic guiding in person in the Final Prophet, and now I was witnessing it in the expressions of his prophetic testimony in the Hymns Scroll.

The Final Prophet was foretold by the Scrolls to be the first in this final generation to be brought into 'the mystery.' He was the forerunner – 'the messenger,' 'the anointed leader,' 'the one anointed of the Spirit' as the Melchizedek Texts described him – of all of 'the anointed ones of His holy spirit' (4Q287, fr. 10) in this final generation.

'and because of their guilt Thou hast hidden the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth' The guilt of the former 'members of his Covenant' came from their decision to become disloyal to the Covenant that they had each made when they said "yes" to God's personal proposal to us, individually and collectively as a congregation, on June 10, 2000.

Anguish and sufferings seize me like the pangs of a woman in travail, and my heart is troubled within me.

I am clothed in blackness and my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth; for I fear the mischief of their heart and their inclination towards evil appears as bitterness before me.

The light of my face is dimmed to darkness and my radiance is turned to decay.

'They have overtaken me' This was the State of New Mexico and its notorious "legal" system.

'There is no rest for me in my trial' This was the court trial of Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser from December 8-15, 2008, in Taos, New Mexico.

'They sound my censure upon a harp' The state's "expert" witnesses and attorneys were continually harping on the unfounded lies and gross insinuations of the state against him. And their 'murmuring and storming' were especially obvious in the state's lying motions and briefs.

'Like the pangs of a woman in travail' Hymn 9, translated by Géza Vermes goes into much greater detail regarding this travail of childbirth of which the Final Prophet was in the midst. He translates several of the Hymn lines there as 'the child-bearing crucible in which there shall spring fortha Marvellous Mighty Counsellor, and a man shall be delivered from out of the throes. And when he is brought forth every pang shall come upon the child-bearing crucible.'

Theodor Gaster translates those lines, 'at last there enters the world the man-child long conceived. Now, amid throes of death, that man-child long foretold is about to be brought forthAnd when he comes to birththat crucible of conception will take a sudden turn.' This childbearing crucible of conception began in 1967 when the Seed of the Messiah was conceived in the soul of the Final Prophet at his conversion. His baptism on June 10, 1967, on the final day of the Six-Day War, signaled the beginning day of the final jubilee of a Messianic prophecy. It was the final 49 years of "The Messianic end time 490." That entire final jubilee from 1967-2016 was the 'childbearing crucible' for the whole world. Hymn 5, translated by Theodor Gaster is a description of that very period of time and its end results. In this court trial of the Final Prophet, when they withdrew their consent for him to have a right to live here freely on this earth, they withdrew their own right to live here. They began ending their own world.

'I am clothed in blackness' The Final Prophet was made to look as evil as possible by the state.

'I fear their inclination toward evil' This was not "fear" of people, as in terror, making him want to change his mind, for he had no fear of people. But it was a "fear" or concern borne out of knowing very well the effects of talebearers who could no longer discern the truth that they had once seen when the Spirit of God illuminated their minds. Because of their guilt, they now could only spread their own imaginations of the Final Prophet, which came out of the evil of their own guilty hearts. He was not afraid of hurt to his person, but he felt a fear of what might happen to God's testimony that he had borne regarding God's pure and holy events in the land. The bitter hatred of the talebearers would put an offended, lying spin upon the reality of those holy events and mar them. Yet, this very marring of them was an Actual Fulfillment of Daniel 9's second Messianic fulfillment which had been prophesied: "the people of the prince that shall come shall 'mar' the city and the sanctuary ('holy, set-apart thing')." Dan. 9:26

For Thou, O God, didst widen my heart, but they straiten it with affliction and hedge me about with darkness.

I eat the bread of wailing and drink unceasing tears; truly, my eyes are dimmed by grief, and my soul by daily bitterness.

Groaning and sorrow encompass me and ignominy covers my face. My bread is turned into an adversary and my drink into an accuser; it has entered into my bones causing my spirit to stagger and my strength to fail.

According to the mysteries of sin, they change the works of God by their transgression.

'I eat the bread of wailing and drink unceasing tears' When I read these Hymn stanzas above to Michael, he said, "That's exactly how I felt inside."

'According to the mysteries of sin' Within their own souls, the former members of his covenant changed the pure works of God that He had done in the land, into impure ones. It was through their offense and lying accusations that they did this. As the earlier lines in this Hymn revealed, it was because of their guilt that God hid from them the fountain of understanding and the counsel of truth. Because of their personal guiltiness, they were no longer partaking of the mind of God as they had done previously. They now only had their own guilty minds left and this caused them to change, i.e. reinterpret, God's pure and holy works, making them into "sex crimes" instead.

The court, also, changed the works of God by their transgression. They knowingly took the Final Prophet to trial over a lie – the lie of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" – because they were offended over the "Messiah" word and his testimony that God had come into him and possessed him and directed him in everything he had done in the land. So the court changed the unspoken crime of "Messiah" into the spoken crime of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" by their transgression – i.e. by their lying.

These final lines of this Hymn reveal the impossible looking appearances that the Final Prophet saw by human sight, and the overwhelming extremity of human feelings that engulfed him in prison. His sensitive nature felt these to the extreme:

Truly, I am bound with untearable ropes and with unbreakable chains.

A thick wall fences me in, iron bars and gates of bronze; my prison is counted with the Abyss as being without any escape . . .

The torrents of Belial have encompassed my soul leaving me without deliverance . . .

'Truly I am bound with untearable ropes, unbreakable chains, a thick wall fences me in' These are all descriptions of the physical features of the Final Prophet's prison experience in the New Mexico prison system. These were exceedingly oppressive and torturous to the sensitive and innocent Spirit of God's Son Who resided within the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness.

'My prison is counted with the Abyss, the torrents of Belial have encompassed my soul leaving me without deliverance' These are spiritual descriptions of the Final Prophet's time of being tested to the uttermost in prison. Belial is known elsewhere in the Scrolls as "Beliar," and in prison BeLIAR was torturing him with all of the appearances of extreme impossibility that surrounded him – in order to break the connection of the faith of the Son of God within him to Father.

But seven years in prison is where his human nature's strong belief in its own feelings – because of the way things appeared to it – was trained right out of his flesh. It was in the very darkness of those hopeless appearances that the Anointing within Wayne trained him, over and over again – until it became "first nature" to him – to not believe the evidence of his human senses, but to believe only Father's personal word to his own heart – no matter what things looked like or felt like to his human nature.

Final Prophet's Cause of Cancer In Prison Foretold

The Scrolls foretold the poison that would cause the Final Prophet's malignant cancer during his imprisonment. It was foretold as the same poison that had fueled his court trial. In the first Scroll paragraph below, the first stanza of Hymn 14 which I quoted in the court trial section translated by Géza Vermes, I now quote from translator Theodor Gaster, in order to show the context for the stanzas which follow it regarding the Final Prophet's cancer.

Hymn 10

Theodor Gaster, translator

By reason of the secret which Thou hast hidden within me they have spread slander against me to men that were bent on mischief.

Because they have hemmed in my way and because they are laden with guilt, Thou hast perforce {'by force, out of necessity' dict.} kept hidden from them the fount of understanding and the secret of truth, while they—they go on contriving the mischief of their hearts, opening their shameless mouths, unleashing their lying tongues which are like the venom of adders fitfully spurting forth; …

It becomes like a constant pain, a fretting wound {a wound that doesn't heal} in the body of Thy servant

Géza Vermes translated that last line in this way:

And this has brought incurable pain, a malignant scourge {cancer} within the body of Thy servant, causing his spirit to faint and draining his strength so that he maintains no firm stand. Hymn 14, translated by Géza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

'By reason of the secret which Thou hast hidden within me' The rebellion and murmuring of the former members of the Covenant of the Final Prophet was indeed 'by reason of the secret which Father had hidden within him.' At some point, the truth that he spoke had became offensive to them and they broke their Covenant to Father and to the Final Prophet – to be one – married in heart and purpose – to God.

'they have spread slander against me to men that were bent on mischief' They went as talebearers to the sheriff's office, the district attorney's office in the Final Prophet's prosecution, to VICE Magazine, to various talk shows, etc. They profaned and distorted the pure events that Father had divinely orchestrated in the land, attaching to these events the baseless accusations of vile sex crimes, human control and manipulation. The word 'mischief' archaically meant 'a person responsible for harm or annoyance, trouble, distress;' literally, 'come to an end' + 'adversely.' This was the true intent of the talebearers and the 'men who were bent on mischief.'

'and this has broughta malignant scourge within the body of Thy servant' This Hymn was foretelling and describing the Final Prophet's skin cancer, the squamous cell carcinoma that began growing in front of his left ear within the first year he was imprisoned.

malignant: "very virulent or infectious; cancerous; (of a tumor) tending to invade normal tissue or to recur after removal;" dict.

And the reason why the devilish schemings and poisonous darts of the former members of his covenant affected the final Teacher of Righteousness in this way, is revealed by something he shared with us eight years before his 'malignant scourge' began growing during his first year of imprisonment:

In a vision of the night someone wanted to kill me because I had changed his family and divided his home. I felt the troubled soul in my heart and was unconcerned as to my welfare. It seemed as though I had entered into his complaints with my own heart and borne him onto myself. My work is of that nature. I bring fire and a sword, and the Truth is forever pouring out of my heart. I, then, must bear the repercussions. I take their hit upon myself. I do not cast off the offended soul. Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, Michael's Diary, August 9, 2001

The final Teacher of Righteousness was bearing his former 'Covenant members' upon himself. He was bearing those who broke the Covenant that they had each made with him and with Father – and the consequences of them breaking it. And his spiritual bearing of these excruciating matters was manifested physically in the 'malignant scourge' that he bore in his body.

'they go on contriving the mischief of their hearts, opening their shameless mouths, unleashing their lying tongues which are like the venom of adders fitfully spurting forth' The former members' shameless contrivings were unleashed all over the world on internet blogs and talk shows. As venomous witnesses, their lying tongues were also unleashed in the so-called "documentaries" (pogroms) about the Final Prophet, as well as in his sentencing hearing as they bore lying testimony against him.

God's purpose in the set up of the Final Prophet's imprisonment

The following Hymn gives a complete overview of the "legal" case that the State of New Mexico pursued against the Final Prophet. It is full of cryptic descriptions. It describes the state's district attorneys as 'lions prompt to spring on the guilty.' It describes why God 'set' the sights of this state's notorious "legal" system on the Final Prophet. And it foretells his miraculous and unexpected release from prison seven years later when God 'snatched' him 'from the very jaws of the lions' when he was 'nigh to be rent.'

Hymn 9

Theodor Gaster, translator

Though Thou hast set my soul amid lions prompt to spring on the guilty — fearful lions that break men's bones, mighty lions that drink their blood, and though Thou hast placed me full oft in ready reach of their haul who spread their nets for the froward like fishers upon the waters, or seek, like hunters, to trap them, yet, when Thou hast placed me there, Thou hast dealt justly with me.

'Thou hast set my soul amid lions prompt to spring on the guilty' This was a prophetic description of the district attorney and state attorneys whose job is to spring on the guilty. They assumed the Final Prophet was guilty and they were prompt to spring on him. The Actual Fulfillment of this Hymn began at the commencement of the State of New Mexico's "legal" case against him. Theodor Gaster's footnote connects this Hymn with Psalm 57. That entire psalm is a Messianic prophecy of the Final Prophet. This is verse 6:

They have made ready a net for my steps; my soul is bent down; they have made a great hole before me, and have gone down into it themselves. (Selah.) Ps. 57:6 BBE

'Thou hast placed me full oft in ready reach of their haul' God is the One Who made the Final Prophet look like a 'wrongdoer' in the eyes of the 'lions.' Father's very specific instructions which He gave the Final Prophet in the land, and his carrying out of those specific events, were what placed him 'full oft in ready reach of the haul' of the district attorney and governor of New Mexico. To them, it looked like "criminal sexual contact of a minor" must have occurred. But the Final Prophet was the bait that God used to disguise His hook which He was setting for them, because they were the real wrongdoers in His Court of Justice. They didn't love Truth. The Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness spoke, practiced and wrote the truth. He was Truth Personified, because the Spirit of Truth is the Spirit of the Son of God living within him. In the Habakkuk Peshur one of those who was prophesied to come strongly against the Teacher of Righteousness was called "the Man of the Lie." So Truth and the Lie met in the trial of the Final Prophet and God gave the state what it wanted. It didn't love the Truth, but wanted to believe the Lie about him, so God gave them "a strong delusion that they should believe a lie." 2 Thess. 2:8-12

'who spread their nets for the froward like fishers upon the waters, or seek, like hunters, to trap them' I quote Theodor Gaster's footnote here in which he gives the literal translation of this cryptic line and also cites Habakkuk 1. That chapter is a Messianic prophecy of the Final Prophet and the Dead Sea Habakkuk Peshur or Commentary on Habakkuk identifies him as the Teacher of Righteousness.

3. Literally, 'And Thou hast placed me in the drag (Heb. magor; cf. Hab. 1.15), with many fishermen spreading their nets on the face of the waters (cp. Isa. 19.8) and huntsmen after wrongdoers'.

'Thou hast placed me in the drag with manyhuntsmen after wrongdoers' That is, "Thou hast caused me to dwell with many DAs and state attorneys." In Michael's pre-trial hearings and trial there was a district attorney and two state attorneys who were pitted against his one defense attorney paid for by the state. At the end of the trial when the jury was hung and we had to take a break over the weekend, the district attorney told the Final Prophet's attorney that if the state didn't get a conviction on him at this first trial, they would take him to trial two more times in order to get one. They were determined to make him guilty and put him away. Yet, as this Hymn foretold, this was all according to God's will and for His purposes. It wasn't going to turn out like they thought.

'yet, when Thou hast placed me there, Thou hast dealt justly with me' Theodor Gaster's footnote states, "An interpretation of Hab. 1.12." In the Dead Sea Habakkuk Commentary, by inspiration the Qumran Teacher of Righteousness connected Habakkuk chapters 1 and 2 to very specific prophetic events that would be fulfilled by the final Teacher of Righteousness in 'the Last Days.' Those very events God caused the Final Prophet to fulfill to the letter – and then showed us afterwards what prophecies had been fulfilled. It was written that they would come against the Teacher of Righteousness on the Day of Atonement, which is precisely what they did. It was the antitypical 2300-day Day of Atonement, and the issues that the Final Prophet bore in prison were the internal, spiritual issues of that final atonement of the human soul with God. The Hymns Scroll is full of stanzas describing this season in the last days when God takes every soul to trial. As the forerunner, in prison the Final Prophet was the first among many who would experience this. The Dead Sea Serekh Scroll goes into great detail regarding this as well. This was a momentous time and this Hymn goes on to give further details of what occurred internally within the Final Prophet during his seven years in prison, revealing how God dealt justly with him during his unjust imprisonment.

Géza Vermes translated that line this way:

Thou hast established me there for justice.

God established the Final Prophet in New Mexico's judicial and prison system for the purpose of exposing the hypocrisy, deception and injustice of it. God was judging them while they were judging His Son within the person of the Final Prophet. The notoriety of the New Mexico judicial system was revealed in a conversation that a relative in another state had with a phone company. This relative was making arrangements to be gone on vacation and it came up that New Mexico was the destination. The phone lady said, "Oh you don't want to go there. They don't follow the law. They do what they want." And then an inmate shared with the Final Prophet as to why, when he shared with him a well-known saying in prison: "You go to New Mexico on vacation and leave on parole." That is the very place God 'established' the Final Prophet 'for justice' – to thoroughly expose its injustice.

For Thou hast set firm in my heart Thy deep, deep truth; and to them that seek after that truth Thou bindest Thyself in pledge.

Géza Vermes' translation of this Hymn line sets it home in a very powerful way to those of us who were personal witnesses of what the Final Prophet actually accomplished during his seven-year imprisonment, as well as what the Messiah within him accomplished internally in him:

Thou hast confirmed the counsel of truth in my heart and the waters of the Covenant for those who seek it.

God put the Final Prophet in prison to 'confirm the Covenant.' This Hymn line is a witness from the Scrolls testifying to the Final Prophet's fulfillment of Daniel 9:27, during its second Messianic fulfillment. "And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week." The Messiah within him was the One confirming the Covenant for seven years in prison. God purposed in the Final Prophet's "legal" case and imprisonment to make public His Son's Covenant of atonement before the whole world. And specifically, God was lifting up His Son's final atonement before the whole world. Those who were seeking after truth would identify with the deep truth that God had set firm in the heart of the Final Prophet. Those souls would recognize the Voice of that same Spirit Who was speaking within them and would yield to Him so He could bind them to Himself in Covenant union, as well. The Messiah's second fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 was carried out just as His first fulfillment had been – He carried it out from within a human being. His first fulfillment of Daniel 9's Messianic Covenant was in the person of Yeshua (Jesus), and His second Messianic fulfillment was in the person of the Final Prophet.

Continuing on with Theodor Gaster's translation of Hymn 9,

So hast Thou put a lock upon the mouths of those lions, whose teeth are like a sword, whose fangs like a sharp spear, whose breath is the venom of serpents. Though ever they seek to raven, and though ever they lie in wait, they have opened not their jaws against me.

Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankind, and hidden Thy teaching within me, until it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph is come.

In all the distress of my soul Thou hast not abandoned me. In the bitterness of my spirit Thou hast heard my cry, and in my sighing discerned the song of my pain.

When I have found myself in a very den of lions, whetting their tongues like a sword Thou hast rescued me in my plight. Yea, O my God, Thou hast locked their teeth lest they rend a hapless man apart; and Thou hast drawn back their tongue like a sword into its sheath, lest it do hurt to Thy servant.

Moreover, to show forth Thy power in the sight of all men, Thou hast singled me out, a hapless wretch, and worked a wonder in me, passing me like gold through a furnace, even through the action of fire, and like silver that is refined in the crucible of the smith, to come forth sevenfold pure.

'Thou hast sheltered me, O my God, in the face of all mankinduntil it be shown unto me that the hour of Thy triumph is come' God was the Final Prophet's shelter in the face of national and international contempt over the false charges against him that were gullibly believed as true. The hour of God's triumph was the afternoon when He arranged the release of the Final Prophet from prison. But He didn't show him for sure that it was the hour of His triumph until the very afternoon of the very day that He turned the tide and brought about his very speedy release from prison on February 11, 2016. When I shared with him these Hymn lines after his release from prison, he said, "Yes. This I was conscious of. I would guard myself until I was shown the moment of triumph."

'in all the distress of my soul Thou hastdiscerned the song of my pain' The Final Prophet's keenest internal distress was that God had forced him to carry out the events in the land, and then put him in prison because of them. But Father did not abandon him. He heard his inner cries and 'the song of his pain.' That touches me to the core of my being – revealing how intimate Father is with us in our keenest pain. The Final Prophet shared with me that this scene from "The Passion" by Mel Gibson is a picture of the intense internal suffering and crying out to Father that he felt within him during the entire time he was in his seven-year prison crucible.

But suffering unjustly was the very tool that God used as a catalyst to bring about the perfection of His atoning work within the Final Prophet 'in the sight of all men' – in order to reveal for the first time in this final generation what it looks like to 'come forth sevenfold pure.' It was for the sake of strengthening those who would follow in his footsteps, that God gave this revelation.