My Testimony in the Hymns Scroll

I would like now to clarify my testimony from the Dead Sea Scriptures. I did not know until 2016 that my entire testimony was contained in the Hymns Scroll, and that it had been spoken prophetically in first person. The following Hymns from the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll which contain my testimony were compiled and gifted to me by Anaiah Bent. After having been a personal witness of my testimony since 1987 she was led to the Hymns Scroll itself in 2016. She told me, "The very things I have heard you say, I am now reading in these Hymns. This is your prophetic testimony being spoken in first person in the Hymns Scroll."

The Hymn stanzas in this book and the Actual Fulfillment commentary on them are from Anaiah's book, Final Prophet, Volumes I - XII. From the Introduction in her book comes the following Scroll overview written by B.L. Rich, and condensed from his book, The Last Prophet. This was written around 1997, just before the appearing of the Anointing in 2000. I am described here in fine detail:

Dead Sea Scroll Profile of the Final Prophet

and Teacher of Righteousness, by B.L. Rich,

condensed from his book, The Last Prophet

One of the main objectives of the Scrolls' texts is to paint a verbal picture of this prophet/teacher ("The Final Teacher of Righteousness"-DSS) who is to surface in the final years of this age. The Dead Sea Scrolls contain important messages concerning the LAST DAYS of this present age. These Qumran Scrolls have specific messages concerning these very events and the people who are to be involved. Much was written about the leader of this community at Qumran, called the "Teacher of Righteousness", and yet another "Teacher of Righteousness" (TR) scheduled to appear in the Last Days. Therefore we see a FORMER and LATTER Prophet known as the "Teacher of Righteousness." This latter Teacher of Righteousness is to appear as interpreter of end time Scriptures and prophecy as revealed to him by God, and far more details are presented in the Scrolls concerning this latter TR. This individual is described in the Scrolls as the final "Teacher of Righteousness" to whom God gives ALL UNDERSTANDING of all that the prophets have written in the Bible, and who is to serve as a plumb line of distinction between good and evil. This future "Elijah" will possess the VISION of the end.

The Scrolls provide intimate details of the final prophet's personal life, problems, health, and certain physical descriptions. These details prove to be directly extracted from specific heretofore enigmatic Biblical Psalms. This yet to appear prophet is described as older, with weakening eyesight, in very poor health, scorned, and has suffered a loss of reputation unjustly due to betrayal by someone he trusted. "ALL WHO HAVE EATEN HIS BREAD HAVE LIFTED THEIR HEEL AGAINST HIM" as the Scrolls reveal. There is no evidence this betrayal is to the death as it was for Christ {Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus)}. Friends and family members stand aloof, believing him to be a broken vessel.

There is a time when the Prophet will be on trial. He goes to prison. A large number of other identifying details are provided and we find God Himself SCOURGING this prophet for a definite PURPOSE in order to present a message to others. The mystery of his end time vision has been shared with others before it becomes public but has not been well received, bringing upon him more troubles because of it. After this, God will begin to establish and reveal this prophet and his mystery.

Only one promised Prophet in the Bible corresponds to this LATTER "Teacher of Righteousness" – the symbolic "Elijah" Prophet promised in the book of Malachi, the New Testament gospels, and elsewhere in the Bible under various terms (Plumb line, Latter Rain etc.). The Hebrew words used in the Scrolls for "Teacher of Righteousness" also translate literally "latter rain". According to the Scrolls and the Bible the "Elijah" is to furnish the standard for all end time understanding of prophecy. This Biblically promised final prophet is to further prepare for the next coming of the Lord. The Scrolls will be an obvious echo of the last Prophet's message. B.L. Rich, The Last Prophet

This is describing me. The events here mentioned occurred with me. I am that Final Prophet foretold in the Dead Sea Scriptures. When I was young and fathered a child I acknowledged that I was the father of the child – not because I thought I was special, or was boasting, but because it was simply a fact. The same is true when I acknowledge that I am the Final Prophet, the final Teacher of Righteousness. God made me who I am, and forced me to do what I have done, and I testify of that. And God testifies of me. He is the One Who determined I would be the Final Prophet and anointed me for that work, and testified of it in advance in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The anointed work of this Teacher of Righteousness over the past 18 years was to help his people prepare for the coming of the Messiah in themselves, as it had been experienced by him in 2000. This time we are in is the coming of Christ (the Messiah). Since 2000 I have testified repeatedly that I am the "sign of the Son of man." That is, when Christ appeared in me in 2000, I became the sign that the coming of Christ had commenced in His people. The Final Prophet of the Scrolls is this sign. This is the time that Messiah now appears in all those who are His, at His coming. Luke 17:21; 2 Thess 1:10; 1 Cor. 15:23

The Christian world in general is waiting for an event that they describe as the second coming of Christ, but which is actually the event that will destroy the earth in fire, just as the second coming of Christ did in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed. In Yeshua's day, the Spirit of Messiah's first coming was when He appeared, hidden in Yeshua's person. He had come to prepare His people during Daniel 9's time prophecy by making its Messianic Covenant with them. Forty years after the Jews crucified him, Messiah came again in clouds of judgment for Jerusalem's destruction. Matt. 26:64 That pattern is occurring again. The first coming of the Messiah in this final generation is His appearing in His people. He appeared first, hidden in the Final Prophet foretold in the Dead Sea Scriptures. The Spirit of Messiah had again come during Daniel 9's time prophecy to prepare His people for the ending of the world in this final generation. He came to make its Messianic Covenant with them. This was its second Messianic fulfillment. When He comes again in clouds of judgment in this final generation, it will be for its destruction.

There is one more Scroll overview. This one provides actual excerpts from the Hymns themselves that give a brief glimpse into the prophetic details of the imprisonment, malignant cancer in prison, court trial, release from prison, and ascension, foretold of the Final Prophet. This overview is "Hymns Scroll Highlights," compiled and condensed by Anaiah. The Hymns from which these highlights were taken are in Parts III – VII. Anaiah's Legend here reveals the text colors and markings that are found in the Hymns themselves and in her Actual Fulfillment commentary on the Hymns:


Legend of Text Markings


Hymns Scroll Highlights of the Final Prophet

and Teacher of Righteousness, compiled,

abridged and condensed by Anaiah Bent

Hymn Scroll Highlights are short excerpts from the Dead Sea Hymns Scroll which describe the media and "legal" attack, and the trial and imprisonment of the Final Prophet and Teacher of Righteousness foretold therein: his intensive, spiritual process during his prison crucible – where he was 'placed in the melting-pot like gold in the fire to be purified seven times,' as well as his malignant cancer while in prison – and his release from prison.

The following Hymn Highlights foretold and described the physical aspects of the Final Prophet's imprisonment, and the spirit of it. I now quote from the Dead Sea Scriptures. These words are the Final Prophet's own prophetic testimony, spoken in first person. Emphasis is mine:

Truly, I am bound with untearable ropes and with unbreakable chains a thick wall fences me in iron bars and gates … my prison is counted with the Abyss as being without any escape … My spirit is imprisoned with the dead, for my life has reached the Pit … I cannot step forward lightly, for my legs and arms are bound by shackles which cause me to stumble …

These Hymn Highlights foretold and described the cause and details of the Final Prophet's malignant cancer in prison. The Final Prophet's personal observation to me after his 11-hour cancer surgery was, "The prison hospital refused to take care of my cancer until it had devoured my ear."

The members of my Covenant have rebelled and … with devilish schemings they unsheathe a perfidious tongue from which ever springs the poison of dragons … And this has brought incurable pain, a malignant scourge {cancer} within the body of Thy Servant … My sore breaks out in bitter pains and in incurable sickness impossible to stay … My wound breaks out like burning fire … whose flames devour me for days on end … diminishing my strength for times on end and destroying my flesh for seasons on end … The pains fly out towards me … my strength has gone from my body … my flesh is dissolved like wax

These Hymn Highlights foretold and gave details of the Final Prophet's court case, trial and being sent to prison:

There is no rest for me in my trialThey sound my censure their murmuring and storming … According to the mysteries of sin, they change the works of God by their transgression {because of their own guiltiness, they alter the pure works of God and make them vile and violent "sex crimes"}For they, an assembly {courtroom} of deceit, and a horde of Belial, know not that my stand is maintained by Thee, and that in Thy mercy Thou wilt save my soul since my steps proceed from TheeFrom Thee it is that they assail my life, that Thou may be glorified by the judgement of the wicked, and manifest Thy might through me in the presence of the sons of men; for it is by Thy mercy that I stand … Mighty men have pitched their camps against me, and have encompassed me with all their weapons of war {war weapons of national and international propaganda media; officers of the "law" with their innumerable guns, SWAT Team and helicopter at my arrest; and officials of the court with their weapons of deception, insinuation, unlawful activities and jury manipulation} … For I am despised by them and they have no esteem for me that Thou may manifest Thy might through me. They have banished me from my land like a bird from its nest.

The following Hymn Highlights foretold and described the details of divine preservation in prison and release from it:

Thou hast preserved the soul of the poor one in the den of lions Thou hast dealt wondrously with the poor one to manifest Thy might within me in the presence of the sons of men. … Thou hast placed him in the melting-pot, like gold in the fire, and like silver refined in the melting-pot of the smelters, to be purified seven times {seven years in prison} The wicked and fierce have stormed against me with their afflictions; they have pounded my soul all day. But Thou, O my God, hast changed the tempest to a breeze; Thou hast delivered the soul of the poor one like a bird from the net and like prey from the mouth of lionsThou hast redeemed my soul from the hand of the mighty.

These Hymn Highlights foretell the ascension of the Final Prophet, his beloved, and those who 'wing their way' 'to fly, go away' to the holy counsel:

I thank Thee, O Lord, for Thou hast raised me up to everlasting heights … And Thou, O my God, hast provided it for 'those that wing their way' to fly, to go away' to the holy counsel

I am made to stand with the 'holy ones'

Chant, O beloved, sing to the King of glory

Announce and say: Great is God, Maker of marvels

from the dust He lifts up the poor to eternal heights

He lifts him up to the clouds

to share a common assembly

with the 'holy ones'

We know Thee, O God of righteousness … O King of glory … Thou hast established us according to Thy pleasure … by removing all ancient things and creating new ones, by breaking asunder things anciently established, and raising up the things of eternityThou hast lent an ear to the issue of our lips {the issue He put in us: "We shall be changed …" 1 Cor. 15:51-52} … that bodies gnawed by worms may be raised from the dust … to be renewed together with all the living and to rejoice together with them that know …