My Testimony

By Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser

No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted

because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship.

President Barack Obama, February 13, 2015

Seven years after my baptism into the extraordinary anointing from God, when He named me "Messiah," and my consummation in the year 2000, the world was given its opportunity to declare its judgment of me, first in the media, the mob, then in the courts. I made it plain to the world at that time that it was the Father in heaven who had designed my events, so that they would not ignorantly come against God and receive damnation by doing so. But the courts gave their opinion of God's movements in me and condemned me to prison for ten years for something not even against the law, but only something deep in the dark shadows of their own imaginations, surmising, and "inferences." The state's "contrivance" revealed a darkness that I was unaccustomed to before this time. I learned much in regard to the nature of man that I was not so aware of before. I now understand the mob, Pilate, Herod and Judas by experience.

I must now confess that my understanding of the world was somewhat naive, in that I thought that it was a safe place for truth. I believed in "constitutional rights." I thought that there might be some good in it, and that people just do bad things, but if truth is presented to them, that they would want that truth for themselves. But my eyes have been substantially opened to the fact that the world is entirely evil and that there is nothing good in it. The devil, truly, is the god of this world and he dominates every single facet of its paradigms and nomenclature — religious, political and in every other way. The science of evil has truly reached a grand scale so that the natural world cannot even understand itself.


I want to establish a few facts regarding my legal case and its implications, because this is the context in which God revealed the shocking reality of heaven's view. And I will begin by sharing the actual reason I think that there was a legal case against me in the first place, and I believe that the actual reason is not what the state said it was. It all started with a slanderous and grossly distorted movie about us. This movie, presumptuously referred to as a "documentary," first aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. It was then re-edited by National Geographic and aired in the United States, and around the world. It was created by one who was cheered on by a mob of people who cried, in so many words, "Crucify him!" And there was a specific reason the media came against us in this way, followed by the mob, and then the state. A vigorous backlash can be expected, legal or otherwise, against anyone not conforming to the present accepted worldview. When someone is noticeably different from the rest of the pack and that one makes them angry, there is suddenly a mob with all kinds of opinions as to what he is about, and what he means, and this mob is largely directed and controlled by the media. These common attacks expose the gross hypocrisy and lying nature of the common consciousness and what Americans actually believe about "freedom" and "justice for all."

On April 27, 2015, we attended my last evidentiary hearing over my habeas corpus petition. My family, church, and friends filled the courtroom gallery, and District Attorney Donald Gallegos, my attorney, and Judge Abigail Aragon all heard the testimony of the two witnesses that the state had intentionally misused at my trial to condemn me. We had all seen and heard the expanded explanations of the evidence since my trial that the jury had not been privy to, which was contained in the 2010 video deposition and affidavit. Once more we all heard and saw the live testimony of those two witnesses on the witness stand in 2015. And the consistent testimony was, No, Mr. Bent did not touch us sexually. Yes, we believe Mr. Bent was wrongly convicted. But did the judge who heard all these things, then send me home a free man? No. The unjust conviction remained. The very clear force of the truth simply did not matter — the law did not matter. I could never have imagined that a judge would hear the testimony, that I had not committed the crime for which I was charged and convicted, yet retain the conviction in broad daylight. No explanation was given.

I turned to my attorney and asked, "Did the judge not hear the testimony of the witnesses?" He looked at me with a somewhat pained expression and said, "This is very complicated." I could not understand how the actual and obvious truth could be complicated. My assessment was that the state of New Mexico, and the whole country, can now be considered lawless. My conviction was upheld for the state's self-interest only. The law was meaningless. I was being born into the "real world" and I was naive no more.

I want to say that explaining all of these things makes no difference because the offended people wanted me crucified, legal or not. They do not want to be convinced of anything not conforming to their preconceived paradigm of life, and their offenses. When the mob moves, justice takes a hike to some far-off mountain. They don't like me, and that is all the evidence they need for my "crucifixion."

But I want to say this, that in this writing I have put most of the emphasis on the state, but the greater sin is with those who turned me over to the state. Yeshua said to the state: "You could have no power at all against me, except it were given you from above: therefore he that delivered me unto you has the greater sin." John 19:11. No, the state is not the one with the greater sin, but those who were riding on the back of the beast with a bloody cup in their hand, guiding the beast with a bit in its mouth, are those with the greatest sin. They are my accusers who went to the devil for help against me because they were offended at my authority, and it is they who have offended the Spirit of God the most. I have hurt no one, but my testimony made them feel bad, offended, or guilty and that was enough. It was the same with Yeshua. His enemies made up the reasons for their own offense, but he had committed no crime.


In the habeas proceedings, the question of whether I was guilty or innocent of "criminal sexual contact," or "having used my authority to coerce them," had been clearly answered by the two witnesses and we all heard it. But yet, in the full light of my declared innocence of the state's charges, clear as crystal, the court continued to take the position that my conviction should stand, "because the court saw no reason to change the verdict." This astonishing and outrageous conclusion was unfathomable to me and to many others as well. What greater reason could there be then, for vacating my conviction, other than "no crime was committed?"

But where did the jury verdict come from? It came like a mysterious dark fog from the many lies told by the state about me, but which I had not been permitted to address during my trial. The jury got to decide after being exposed to the National Geographic "fake news" about us that played on the world media for a full year before trial. This spiritual miasma filtered into the hearts and minds of the jury but I was not permitted to present a defense by explaining the truth and clearing away the fog. I am not even sure I could have cleared away the fog because it was so thick. The spirit in the courtroom was thicker and darker than anything I have ever felt. It was a different kind of evil than prison. The court had a dark, sticky, suffocating atmosphere, thirsting for blood. Prison did not feel as evil to me. Prison was made up of some folks who had made mistakes, watched over by correctional officers (guards) who didn't get caught at theirs.

I truly was mistaken when I believed that juries, judges and DAs follow the facts. Now I see they follow their prejudices, fears, and distortions fed to them, and the facts do not actually matter. They follow that dark spirit that hovers over them like a haunting. They follow their political expedience — they follow their self-interests. This is very clear in the media these days. Facts are invented in their "fake news" and those who want to believe them do, and those who do not, don't. Evidence is a thing of the past. The "law is not the law". Evil surmising is their law. The actual truth is despised.

The district attorney wanted to make a point in court that I was not a medical doctor, so that voided my claim of healing. I could not heal because I did not have a medical license issued by the state. But I am a spiritual healer, and doctors cannot get a license to do what I do. The state does not have the authority to issue a license for that. Only God can give one. But to the court, the DA's opinion seemed to settle it. To them, I was unqualified, just as Jesus was unqualified in the minds of his accusers. Jesus did not get permission from the Sanhedrin, so they accused him of having a devil.

What the court proved by continuing to press that the jury's guilty verdict of "criminal sexual contact of a minor" be retained, after the clear testimony of the two adult witnesses to the contrary, was that "criminal sexual contact" by me was not the actual reason the state had put me in prison but no one seemed to be willing to just tell the truth about that. My crime seemed to be that I was not conformed to their world propaganda and that I influenced people in that nonconforming way of thinking and that was all that was required to "kill" me. Also, I made people mad at me and making people angry seems to be a crime these days. They must "put away" dissenters (Protestants). This is the only conclusion I can come to. It is true that I don't believe exactly as the other churches do, and I surely do not partake of their spirit, but in America, at least according to its profession, that should not be a crime. What I see now is that America is not better than any other despotism on earth; it's just that American despotism is camouflaged under a cloak of moral self-righteousness — somewhat like disguising an animal trap by placing a covering over it. It lives by the same lie as all other dictatorships on the planet. But now I have come to fully understand Yeshua's words when he said, "If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple." Luke 14:26. Why? It is because the very nature of our own self-interests is evil and the basis for the root of all evil.

Truly we all saw and heard these things eye to eye with the judge. The crime for which I was charged and convicted simply did not occur. But there had to be a reason made to "put away" this messiah whom they named a "cult leader" who had "power." But there is no cult greater than their own. When prejudice reaches the very judiciary, there is no resolution — there is no remedy. The crimes of the state are now exposed in the very roots of jurisprudence.

My explanation here reveals the way God's judgment is now working in regard to the events that have transpired concerning me, and why. This view of how things are so interconnected is very shocking, astonishing and mockingly unbelievable to the natural human mind, because the intricate causes and effects of God's universe are nonsense to its simple, uninformed and shortsighted way of thinking. These days the people just walk into a wall and they do not understand why their curses come upon them. The world is so evil because they are. But they don't want to consider that possibility.

Speaking the way I do, and not like any other man, and as some have interpreted as arrogance, came with God's Spirit. It all started in 1967 when God came to me, convicting me that I was an unconverted Sunday school teacher and causing me to approach unto Him, and then He converted me to Himself. (Jer. 30:21, AMP) The clarity and force of God's communications have continued through the years and it has come to feel very natural to my spirit. At the time of my conversion, Father told me, "You will always tell the truth," and since then I always have. But I did not know the depths to which truth would take a soul if he actually follows it. This world cannot accept anyone who tells the truth all of the time, and actually tells the truth as it is. If these recent events concerning me were not from God, I would tell the reader. Since they are from God, I tell the reader that they are. I am forced to strictly tell it as it is.


I must clarify my personal events, however, because they involve many more people than just myself. When the district attorney publicly and forcefully accused me of touching the sexual parts of young girls, and publicly stated that I required the girls to have sex with me or I would kick them out of the church, I am duty bound to answer those gross falsehoods and outright lies, at least for the girls' sake. When he declared the innocent acts of God, which He placed upon these young women to ask of me, to be sex crimes, and the judge was complicit in this deception, I could not keep silent. When taxpayer money was used to prosecute me and incarcerate me, thereby involving the whole state in this outrageous perversion of the truth, I owe it to the public to explain to them what they have been made responsible for. The state publicly slandered me in the worst way, and over a lie, and it is right for me to sanely and respectfully set the record straight, and that I have done in this testimony. The district attorney publicly declared that A.S. and L.S. were victims of sex crimes, placing this dark stain upon them for life, when that statement was untrue. He made it up. The young women in no way deserved to be treated in this manner.

The court essentially labeled as "liars" the two young women that were its own subpoenaed witnesses, and upon whose testimony rested the entire foundation of their case against me, while it was actually the state who were the liars. The young women were not victims of anything, but the state invented them into victims. If anything, the young women were victims of the state.

This entire event carries with it enormous prophetic consequences. What the state did, and is doing, reaches deep into the invisible world. Everyone feels it in the air, even unconsciously. I am not judging any man's motives in my writings. I am only commenting on what men have done, and my view of things, since the state got to publish its view of things and illegally punish me for that view. Yes, the state committed crimes to get me "put away." The definition of a "crime" in Webster's Dictionary is: "Activity that is against the law." It is certain that the citizens of the state cannot pick and choose what laws they want to keep, but it seems now that the courts can. They can not only pick and choose which laws to keep, they can apparently fabricate them out of thin air. That is supposed to be the prerogative of the legislatures — creating laws from thin air — but clearly the courts missed that part of their legal training and are ignorant of the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers, for they seem to do it every day.

It was the act of always following my Father's voice that brought me to my cross, as it has always done for every true believer. And this began on March 22, 1967, when He came to me and converted me to Himself when I was 25 years old and commanded me to keep the seventh-day Sabbath and to leave my present Sunday-keeping church and forsake Sunday worship which is prevalent in the apostate churches. When I agreed with God to keep the seventh-day Sabbath, and leave my Sunday-keeping church, immediately my whole life changed. My whole life changed so much that I was not even the same person as before, and I was now purposed to follow the will of God and His Voice of leading, no matter the cost to myself. My life was dedicated to listening for His personal instructions to me and always following them, and this I have done for over 50 years now. From the very beginning, however, I discovered that this change was not appreciated by those who were not like-minded. A natural separation began occurring because of it, and this only increased at every further step God took me in the path of His will and purpose for my life. As a result, I lost friends, family, property, jobs, support, church membership, and eventually even my freedom, for the cause of following Christ (the Anointing) and being true to Him, no matter the opinions of man to the contrary. If a soul does not follow the "Voice" when He speaks, then he is a castaway and the Spirit of God leaves him.


In past times, those who were wholly given over to Christ (the Anointing within them) were not appreciated by those who did not share the same purpose. Those who protested corruption in Christ's name were tortured and burned alive by Roman Catholics who do not believe in freedom of religion if they are in power; they were imprisoned for manufactured crimes as I was, fed to the lions by pagans, stoned to death by the Jews, and beheaded and crucified.

In our generation, the faith that comes from God is not appreciated any more than it was in past times by those who do not have it and do not want it. Today, the faith of God is imprisoned, outlawed, ridiculed and mocked by the media, government, and even the churches. That is why the faith of God in me is mocked by them. True, the churches have a form of godliness, but the power of God is lacking. They have come to believe that fleshly emotion is God, or that financial prosperity is God, or that their particular ideas about God will save them. They each cherish their own particular doctrines, such as refusing blood transfusions, special underwear, Sunday sacredness, or hundreds of other bright ideas and theories that they made up. But there is no conviction from His Spirit and His presence has gone from them, for they have compromised the actual truth for so long that the Spirit was grieved away. There is only a shallow pretense of godliness and much hypocrisy, injustice, and a strange lingering guiltiness that never goes away.

Because I didn't worship what the world and its nominal Christian churches worship, and furthermore, because I could not be made to, this offended "the image of the beast," the self-proclaimed ruler of this world and self-proclaimed educator and owner of our children, and caused it to target me as not being part of it. Because I had failed to worship it, and it determined that I was not part of it, and could not be "caused to receive its mark," I would no longer have the privilege of functioning in its world and would no longer be able to "buy or sell." (Rev. 13:11-17)

So it targeted me, first by its media system, full of "fake news" and then by its system of legal authority, full of fake justice. This present generation has truly proven beyond any doubt to me, that its profession of freedom and liberty is a falsehood, a mythology of stupid men who show utter inability to consider or judge things carefully and who have no heart for truth and justice. There is only a form of liberty now, and it is given to those who have the beast's mark in their hand (their labors) and in their forehead (their thoughts and agreement). (Rev. 13:16)


The religions of America trust in their works, and their doctrines that they have made up. But no one, not one, will ever enter into heaven trusting in their holy works or beliefs, or by the keeping of their rules. No, not one will ever be saved that way. These things are all destined to be burned up in the lake of fire. We are followers of nothing but smoke, mirrors, pretense, force and make-believe if we are not followers of the Spirit of God's Anointing living in us. (Rom. 8:14; Gal. 4:6) I am saying these things only to expose the lie. I personally believe that they already knew this in some guilty way, but the lie is more palatable to their selfish worldview. I want to destroy the "false hope" that their flatterers draw them into. The gospel as shared by many preachers today is not good news, but fake news.

One is only saved by the act of God putting Himself in the human soul and living out His divine Life in that soul 24/7, just as He did with Yeshua (Jesus). For the Spirit of God's Son within us will create the same divine experience of life in our fallen human nature that He created in Yeshua's fallen human nature. (Eph. 4:13; Col. 1:27; 1 John 2:27; Acts 10:38; 2 Cor. 1:21) For some reason this doctrine causes people to become very angry and offended with me, or very afraid of me, but it has been the actual gospel for almost two thousand years. Any other gospel, which the Scriptures term it, is "anathema" (bound under a great curse).

Yeshua (Jesus) said to his Jewish contemporaries, as I say to my contemporaries, "The world cannot hate you; but me it hates, because I testify of it that the works thereof are evil." John 7:7.

So we were each "killed" by the world, thinking that they did God a service. (John 16:2) In my own case, after God anointed me for my work, Satan, my adversary, used the media, the mob, the state and every possible energy to crush out my testimony by the strong public attack against me by the mob of haters who are the self-condemned, and by imprisoning me. There is obviously much more to this than just praying with my hand on the sternum of a minor. The devil was exceedingly zealous to get me taken out.

So this is how and why it came to be that the state of New Mexico charged, tried and convicted me for "felony criminal sexual contact of a minor," and sentenced me to 18 years, ten of which were actual prison time. The state attorney, Mr. Emilio Chávez (who is now a judge), told the jury that I must have bumped into a boob while praying for two of our minor children with my hand on them, because my hand is so large. This was the argument contrived to convince the jury that I must have touched a "boob." The district attorney boasted of this contrivance in a radio interview. Both of the state's witnesses denied the lying assertions of Mr. Emilio Chávez.


The New Mexico law defines "criminal sexual contact" as "unlawfully and intentionally touching or applying force to the intimate parts of a minorintimate parts mean the primary genital area, groin, buttock, anus or breast." (Sec 30-9-13) The truth is that this crime never occurred, and the two young ladies over whom I was charged, stated so – before my trial, during my trial, and since my trial, as we have witnessed.

The young lady for which I was acquitted of criminal sexual contact, stated before trial:

I was given a copy of the 'grand jury indictment' and it states … Wayne Bent, did unlawfully and intentionally touch or apply force to the unclothed intimate parts of L.S. and L.S. was at least thirteen but less than eighteen years of age and the above named defendant, Wayne Bent, was in a position of authority and he used that authority to coerce L.S. to submit …

NO, NO, NO, none of those things occurred EVER, and I have testified over and over again that they haven't. Michael [Wayne Bent] NEVER molested me or touched me sexually in any way nor did he use authority to coerce me.

The charges brought against Michael [Wayne Bent] are false and you have no proof for them. It was because of these very same false charges that you allowed CYFD [Children, Youth and Families Department] to kidnap me from my home. Excerpts from L.S.'s letter to the district attorney, June 25, 2008

The young lady I was convicted over (16 years old) stated on the record:

There's no reason … Wayne Bent should be in jail. He didn't molest me in any way, absolutely not. … I didn't feel intruded upon … He's innocent … there's no reason he should be [in prison] … he was convicted over nothing. … I think the state didn't do the right thing. I think they made a wrong choice. I honestly thought they … were going to send him back home. But no, they wanted to "put him away" and I don't want to be the blame for it because I don't feel he should be in there. He didn't violate me at all. … He didn't do anything to me to be in there. Excerpts from A.S.'s videoed Deposition Interview, July 1, 2010


During trial the state attorneys told numerous lies. I was told by someone who counted them from the official trial transcript that there were forty-two of them. This poisoned the minds of the jury. The state told lies for which there was no testimony in court and for which there was no evidence. One lie was that I would "help the girls rob a bank." Whatever does robbing banks have to do with criminal sexual contact of a minor? District Attorney Donald Gallegos stated at one of my hearings in front of the TV cameras, "He required all the minors to have sex with him or he would kick them out of the church." The state and the mob invented or promoted numerous rumors and evil surmising for which there was no testimony or evidence.

The state attorneys repeated that I was naked with the girls, yet on the witness stand, under oath, the young lady, A.S., whom I was convicted over, stated very clearly that I was fully clothed during her healing procedure. No minor has ever seen me naked. I was declared "not guilty" over L.S. after I explained my healing procedure in regard to her. If the state must lie to get a conviction, it may very well put someone in prison, but it does not win. Sooner or later the state's "sleight of hand" is exposed. A curse comes with injustice to any society that practices injustice. And it seems to me that the public loves to have it so.

I told L.S. to tell the truth and not be afraid of them, and I also thought at the time that you could trust the state's legal system to follow the clear evidence. I was mistaken. A.S. and L.S. also discovered that the state could not be trusted. My eyes were also opened as I discovered how dark the legal system is, so full of the darkest spirits and a grave, lying, godless self-righteousness. The judge ended up punishing the young women for their faith, as he did me. He did not put them in prison but he did trouble their hearts and ruin their trust in state agencies. The judge opened their eyes to statecraft and it grieved them. It is a fact that the system does not actually care about kids. That is only pretense. Faith in God is only pretense also. "In God we trust" is a lie. While they make you swear on a Bible that you will tell the truth, they do not believe you when you do. In court, they only mocked at any mention of God's instructions. In our generation, in the United States legal system, God is not allowed. They don't believe that He exists, really, but God will show them that He does.

So these are some of the facts in the case. At the two young ladies' request, I had prayed for them with my hand on their sternum and clavicle area. The state lyingly named that, "criminal sexual contact." I was acquitted on L.S. and found guilty with A.S. for the same thing. On the face of it, the jury revealed that it lacked some basic honesty as well. Is not a stone, a stone? Or is one a stone, and the other stone a carrot? Was it legal to heal one young woman, but not the other, using almost exactly the same procedure for both? Incongruously, defying all normal application of logic, I was sentenced for the less extensive procedure, involving the older of the two sisters.

Is the law so loose, and jury instructions so meaningless and exploitable, that justice or the justice system is only about the political whims of men or the skills of jury manipulation? Is the American courtroom simply an arena for modern-day gladiators to pit their skills of deception against ordinary citizens who do not conform to their own personal social norms however hypocritical and apparently inflexible those social norms might be? Is it a place where ordinary citizens can be financially drained by simply trying to keep the system from steamrolling them, while the state enjoys unlimited taxpayer money with which to come against the taxpayer? Is this what we have now? And what space of time lies between what U.S. jurisprudence has already become, and the show trials of the former Soviet Union?

L.S. wrote in a letter to the district attorney before my trial:

What happened to freedom of religion? Why can't I, another human being just like you, be free to do as the God of heaven is leading me? Who gave you authority to step between God and His creation? What makes you think you are doing the right thing? What authority did God give you to interrupt the flow of our lives in Strong City when there has been no crimes of any kind whether it be sexual abuse, neglect, or control of hearts, mind or bodies of any human being? (Excerpts from L.S.'s letter to the district attorney, June 25, 2008)

Well, little lady, there is no actual freedom of religion and the Constitution is a dead letter. The only people with freedom of religion are those people who have a religion that does not make any difference, and one in which there is no real God.

Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. Dan. 12:10.