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Judgment of the Living
The moon shines red as the blood of the dead
The lights of the night are failing
When all who have chosen their own courses instead
Their voices are heard in the darkness with wailing.
The shining sun refuses its light
While all the rivers flow upstream
The springs of water flow back in their sight
Nothing imagined in their wildest dream.
Dark clouds clashing over bloody seas
The waves and the winds roaring
They know not for what they please
Confusion everywhere, the people imploring.
The cities crumble in the flames of terror
Hopes and their dreams no longer soaring
All hearts tremble for the fears of their error
Denying their part in nature's scoring.
Portents are revealed in all places and spaces
But all eyes blind, ears stopped to their teaching
The people awaken, famine seen on their faces
Truth that comes in this night, never reaching.
The signs in the heavens no one knows or hears
Yet Messiah comes to His settled place
Virgins, His word wait, kept o'er the years
The city came down and has filled its space.
Michael stands, and the dragon flees
For hiding places down deep in the earth
Armageddon gathers the hosts of its trees
Far and wide they come to His birth.
The rivers are dried; there is no place to hide
For the way is prepared for the kings of the east
The four winds are loosed, the terrors abide
All men gathered to the Lord and His feast.
Michael stands up, the trumpet is blown
The nations awake denying His name
All stand judged by His presence alone
Men who are humble or men who have fame.
Judging God for the Son He has given
For the light He has already shown
Multitudes now in the vale of decision
Many lay dying, many unknown.
The hosts of heaven see and know
And are content to lie in His bed
From the places of rain and the places of snow
All are awake, the judgment brings dread.
They kiss the Son, or hide under a rock
The great city divided in parts
Judging themselves as they stand in their shock
They did not know Him, down deep in their hearts.
The Father Himself asks the people to look
And see from the Son if their soul will reprieve
By the judgment they place on the One they forsook
For He came in a way that they did not believe.
Michael Travesser