aka Michael Travesser

Updated January 20, 2019
(Time of the Blood Moon )

As of January 2019, Wayne Curtis Bent is 77 years old. He was born in Riverside, California in 1941, seven months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He married in 1962 and had three children over the next seven years. When he was 25 years old, while fasting and in prayer, he heard the voice of God command him three separate times, over three days, to leave his Sunday-keeping church, which he agreed to do, and then the final time he heard God command him also to keep the seventh-day Sabbath. (Ex. 20:8) Obeying the command, Wayne Bent earned his master’s degree in religion, and successfully served in pastoral ministry for 12 years in a Sabbath-keeping denomination before taking up the work of spiritual training in his LifeSupports seminars. In 1987, Mr. Bent co-founded the Lord Our Righteousness Church. (Jer. 23:6; 33:16)

The Lord Our Righteousness congregation of 77 people came to New Mexico in the year 2000, so that God could work for them in the wilderness in a greater way than could be done in a congested urban or suburban atmosphere. The wilderness was intended for a place of meditation and prayer and to walk with God having less distraction. (Rev. 12:2, 6) It was here in the year 2000 where God anointed Mr. Bent to declare the Marriage of the Lamb and the day of God’s judgement. As the prophecy foretold, it was the time of the birthing of the Child. This “birthing” was the appearing of the anointed Child (Messiah) in God’s people. This holy Child was the coming of Christ to us. The Child was to ascend into the heavens taking his people’s heart and mind there with him.

But soon after arriving, the media and some state agencies came against the community for being a “cult” and allegedly planning suicide. National Geographic finally launched their dark tale with suspicion and innuendo, falsely claiming that Mr. Bent predicted the end of the world for the end of 2007. (Rev. 12:15; Jn. 8:44) Their mockery only set them against the understanding of the end of the age and locked them into disbelief of what these things meant. The spirit they received to attack Mr. Bent now divides their own world. The Republicans and Democrats, as the Pharisees and Sadducees before them, agree on almost nothing, except for their hatred of the one anointed by God.

These things paved the way for the general media pogrom heavily laced with “fake news.” Then came the crying out of the mob, with other offended haters which followed the reports, leading to the seven-year incarceration of Mr. Bent. This seven-year specific time period in prison was foretold in the prophecy of Daniel 9 where “he shall confirm (show one’s self victor, to prevail) the covenant with many for one week (seven years).”

Mr. Bent placed his hand once on the sternum of a 16-year-old girl while praying for her healing, the cleansing of her soul temple. This one-time touch on the sternum was falsely declared by the court to be “felony criminal sexual contact of a minor.” This 16-year-old girl denied that Mr. Bent ever touched her sexually or ever had any contact with her in that way. They did not know, however, that their “crucifixion” of his testimony and Spirit was the world’s declaration that the Holy Spirit of God (Messiah) was not welcome. Yes, the Holy Spirit (Messiah) was rejected. The testimony of Mr. Bent in court was only mocked and despised. As with Yeshua (Jesus), what the Holy Spirit did in him was considered a crime worthy of extreme punishment to “make an example” of him so that others would not take that road and believe his testimony.

Yeshua proclaimed to the Sanhedrin that he was the Son of God. He worked wonders that the Jews were unaccustomed to. When he cleansed the temple it offended them. It was the same with Wayne Bent. He stated that God had named him “Messiah” and many wonders followed him also. He placed his hand on the sternum of the human temple to cleanse it, and the mob, the courts and the media declared that to be a sex crime worthy of the harshest punishment. This cleansing of the temple, first at the beginning of his ministry of seven years involving two witnesses, and then at the end of those seven years involving two witnesses, was an outrage as it was when Jesus cleansed the temple made with hands at the beginning and ending of his work. Mr. Bent confirmed the covenant for seven years in prison (one week) as Jesus did on his cross for one day.

But what do the Scriptures say? “When he (the Messiah) shall come to be glorified IN his saints, and to be admired (‘to be amazed at — wondered at’) IN ALL them that believe (because our testimony among you was believed in that day).” 2 Thess. 1:10 But the professed “Christians” did not believe, just as the Jews did not believe Yeshua. The atheists did not believe, right along with them. These people never agreed on anything but they could all agree on refusing the testimony of the Holy Spirit (Messiah). Mr. Bent was a “scandalon” to them. He was mocked and constantly ridiculed for what the Holy Spirit carried out in him. They could not destroy the Holy Spirit so they destroyed one who possessed Him. They could imprison the body but they could not imprison the Child. They broke the body but they could not break the Child. They could not abort the Life. They only mocked “Messiah” in the media and in the courts, as well as in the public discourse, so the Spirit departed from them. When they condemned Mr. Bent, all of the decency, reasonableness, cooperation and love of God left them. The Scriptures state: “Neither repented they of their murders [of the minor children], nor of their [“legal”] sorceries, nor of their fornication [imagining sex crimes], nor of their theft [stealing their freedom to practice their faith].” Rev. 9:21

They poured the Life of God upon the ground, which was the abomination that makes desolate. It was the desolation that makes childless in the Spirit. They had no regard for the Life and they despised the “Child,” so their national house is now in collapse, their familiar, old world ending as all things come to confusion.

There were two witnesses at the beginning of Wayne Bent’s anointing and two witnesses at the end of the seven years of the formation of the testimony. When the state of New Mexico offended the two minors who were witnesses, naming their innocent, nonsexual request a sex crime, and betraying the son of man, they declared that it would have been better had they not been born. “It must needs be that offenses come; but woe to that man by whom the offense comes.” Matt. 18:7

Mr. Bent was released from prison on February 11, 2016, after serving seven years in prison for this healing procedure. (Dan. 9:27) He now spends all of his time in his wilderness home, except for periodic, required parole visits. He is restricted from being in the presence of any minor children, including his own grandchildren. He is continually monitored for his location. He now has no social contact with the public except for family and close friends. (Rev. 13:17) He cannot trust the general public for anything now except superstition, suspicion and offense. Neither does he trust the legal system for they do not now follow the law but only their own self-interests and political expediency as they did in his own case.

Why is it that people refuse a mansion with golden streets leading to it, for a grass shack in “the swamp” with only a muddy, rutty road taking them there? Why is it that men relish their sins when they could have had communion with angels? Why is it that the people love slavery enforced by an alien spirit when they could have been freed and ascended into the heavens with the Child? Sadly, there is no reason. Their choice makes no sense.

When Lucifer (the ‘light-bearer') left heaven to become Satan the adversary, there was no reason for it. He only hated the Son as the people today have hated Wayne Bent. All these haters were willing to trade the glories of God so that they might keep their little selfish souls, full of mean conspiracy and gross offense. But Jesus (Yeshua) said, “Few there be that find it.” Matt. 7:14. It is an unwelcome message for the world, for them to die to self so that they might live unto God.

Wayne Curtis Bent aka Michael Travesser, now sees the purpose of his work as completed. That for which he was born is finished. He has confirmed the covenant for seven full years. In the day of Yeshua, when his work was completed, he declared, “It is finished.” (John 19:30) In this age, it is sounded loudly by the heavenly Voice, “It is done.” (Rev. 16:17) For the world, the decree of Messiah remains the same as it was at His first appearing, after the people had been warned and the warning rejected, “Your house is left unto you desolate (unmarried to God and no Christ-child within their soul).” (Matt. 23:38)

Mr. Bent sees that this is all now self-evident. The very events carried out by the state, when his church and family were wrongfully destroyed by them (Dan. 9:26), are now being carried out against themselves, by themselves. (Dan. 9:27) What they falsely accused Wayne Bent of doing, they now accuse each other of doing. All souls are now sealed (gridlocked) into their own position for good or evil. This era marks the end of the world as we have known it. Nothing will ever be “normal” again. Evil angels now have free reign over those who hate the testimony of Christ. But this was all predicted for “In that day.” The wrongful conviction of Wayne Bent exposed the world for what it actually is, rather than what it pretends to be. All things that have been hidden are now exposed. (Luke 12:2)

This generation has cursed itself. Slowly but surely the dark clouds have appeared, first on the horizon but now right over the nation’s skies. The curse deepens daily and the blood moon today stands as an ominous, silent witness portending things to come. The Scriptures give seven witnesses in regard to our present time. And so it is!

You are weighed in the balances [of justice] and found deficient. Your kingdom is divided. Dan. 5:27, 28

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. Matt. 12:25

Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Rev. 18:2

And the nations were angry, and Your wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged … and should destroy them which destroy the earth. Rev. 11:18

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. Rev. 22:11

Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath (zeal), because he knows that he has but a short time. Rev. 12:12

And the angel thrust in his sickle into the earth, and gathered the vine of the earth, and cast it into the great winepress of the wrath of God. Rev. 14:19