A Message from God

By Wayne Bent

May 14, 2019

Recently in the night I was in vision. When I awakened the vision continued. The vision had a clear message in it and it was quite outside my ordinary thinking. In other words, the way I usually and naturally think is not in these lines. I did not want to share my vision for awhile so that I could consider it and let it open more broadly in my thinking. Today I decided to share it, knowing full well that there are millions of people who would protest my thoughts. I am not sharing this out of any religious position or prophetic picture. It has nothing to do with a Bible verse or some future dream. It is only a message from God. This is it:

The nations are instructed to cooperate with Israel. Bless the Jews, bless the Zionists, bless Israel. Do not hinder Israel, the Jews or the Zionists. Not only say that Israel has the right to exist, but the people are to cooperate and assist them in their present needs. Do not hinder them. The orthodox Jews are not to resist the Zionists. The political foes of Mr. Netanyahu should stand down and assist him. The Democrats in America are to cease their resistance against Israel and also President Trump. God told me three days before the election in 2016 that Donald Trump would be president at His direction. Stop investigating President Trump. Stop resisting the Jews.

Iran should stop its hostility toward Israel. The Palestinians should lay down their arms and cease any belligerent actions against the state of Israel. Syrians should quit their offenses toward the Jews and Israel.

The argument might be put forward that the Jews have created offenses and that Allah is against them. I say to the Muslims, if Allah were not supporting the existence of Israel and the Zionists, they would not exist. Allah voted 70 years ago and every single war waged against Israel in Allah’s name failed. Every battle was lost. I understand by some Muslims that things that occur are God’s will. I say to you that after 70 years God’s will is pretty well evident. But I am not referring to Israeli offenses or anything else. I am only passing on what I was clearly instructed. Events of the past do not matter. Only now matters and only God’s instructions matter. Don’t doubt me. The alternative to following the Voice of God is a very dark future or no future at all.

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